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  1. Hm . . . yes. This could have been easily avoided. If you get banned (I hope you don't! :uhoh:) It was nice knowing you! :nice:

  2. Yeah, and poor Valerie, you know she's basically a total hippie, hahaha, very reasonable chick, she's probably going to get banned now too :sick: To be honest Ian is failing hard at handling this whole issue. Bit pathetic.

  3. It's not even like they're only ignoring people with a history of fighting with Mark. Look at Crests! She never says anything mean, and they won't even listen to her.

  4. thanks that means a lot to me actually. Unfortunately Mark and I have something of a "history" so I don't qualify as somebody to listen to, I don't get Ian's problem though. :wtf:

  5. Yeah. It's like he's just not getting it. :\ But I don't think you were biased at all when making those points; they're the truth.

  6. Oh jesus... the idea of me being a lawyer... shoot me fucking now :dead: Thank you though, I really am trying to be as clear and non-biased as I can, I don't like Mark to be honest, but when it comes down to it some things have to be answered, and certain people as it were can't see past shock tactics to the actual points and respond to them like adults, so somebody's gotta do something :D

  7. Oh. . . Well it's good you're over it :nice: You could make an excellent lawyer, based on the whole Mark vs. Nathan thing! :laugh3:

  8. Yeah, but really it was more like I slacked off at practices more than I had in the past. I'm over it though, was just a bit emo directly afterwards. :nice:

  9. I love swimming! :wacky: I don't do competitive swimming though, I do it just for fun :wacko: And it's okay, sometimes you just don't have a good day. :shrug:

  10. I swim :wacky: Well tbh I got a bit burned out of it... now I don't swim on the super competitive level I used to but more of... just for fun, to please myself, etc. It sucks during relays though, during the one at state I went a second slower than my best time (the one I was supposed to) -- really it's trivial but it lost our team points and stuff. I felt bad cuz I thought they were depending on me. :/ But you know besides that I don't care XD

  11. True. . . Do you play any sports?

  12. mm, idk what else you'd like to talk about, I mean I don't want this to get all awkward... :shifty:

  13. :laugh3: I know!

  14. Ugh, I know right. I need a vacation from my fucking vacation.

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