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  1. Yeah, and poor Valerie, you know she's basically a total hippie, hahaha, very reasonable chick, she's probably going to get banned now too :sick: To be honest Ian is failing hard at handling this whole issue. Bit pathetic.

  2. thanks that means a lot to me actually. Unfortunately Mark and I have something of a "history" so I don't qualify as somebody to listen to, I don't get Ian's problem though. :wtf:

  3. Oh jesus... the idea of me being a lawyer... shoot me fucking now :dead: Thank you though, I really am trying to be as clear and non-biased as I can, I don't like Mark to be honest, but when it comes down to it some things have to be answered, and certain people as it were can't see past shock tactics to the actual points and respond to them like adults, so somebody's gotta do something :D

  4. Yeah, but really it was more like I slacked off at practices more than I had in the past. I'm over it though, was just a bit emo directly afterwards. :nice:

  5. I swim :wacky: Well tbh I got a bit burned out of it... now I don't swim on the super competitive level I used to but more of... just for fun, to please myself, etc. It sucks during relays though, during the one at state I went a second slower than my best time (the one I was supposed to) -- really it's trivial but it lost our team points and stuff. I felt bad cuz I thought they were depending on me. :/ But you know besides that I don't care XD

  6. mm, idk what else you'd like to talk about, I mean I don't want this to get all awkward... :shifty:

  7. Ugh, I know right. I need a vacation from my fucking vacation.

  8. yeah same, just started on all my spring break homework and break is over Monday, I'm rally living it up :cool4:

  9. Neat, I mean I've seen you in Crest's thread and all, just never really talked to you, so what's up and all?

  10. Hi! I don't know you very well to be honest, thanks for the friend request though :nice:

  11. In my opinion it's not about the artistic purpose that makes something art, it's about the reception by people, if somebody thinks my window is art it's art to that person. But you can't go around calling art "Something that is art to many people" because that's stupid, so I just usually say "art."
  12. By this I mean, look at Egyptian tomb paintings, you'll notice that over thousands of years the style was identical. This was because it was a public decree by the pharaoh that things had to be done a certain way (the pharaoh always had to be bigger than everybody but the gods, always had to be in front in each panel, lots of other rules). The people who made these paintings were not artists in what I think is the modern sense, I mean they didn't come up with the paintings by themselves, they painted them for the state and if they painted them wrong the paintings would be destroyed (and they'd be killed I imagine.) So: question is, do these tomb paintings, to you, "count" as "art"?
  13. Oh it's SO good... you should youtube some episodes :heart:
  14. He's AWESOME, ever seen A Bit of Fry and Laurie? :heart:
  15. My friend's into comics and he was in a local comic store one day, and this FAT FAT FAT guy in his 40s or 50s with a 6 o'clock shadow, pit stains, the works, waddled in, snorted, looked around, then walked up to the front desk and said, "DO YOU GUYS SELL YAOI?" They said no and then he harrumphed and left. (Pretty sure you weren't as weird and out of place as that)
  16. (That's why you shouldn't totally buy one of those)
  17. Hahaha. I never use caps lock I don't think.

  18. http://www.kongregate.com/games/robotJAM/flaming-zombooka That's how it's described, "A PHYSICS GAME FOR REAL MEN"

  19. Um... a very cheap and childlike lightweight version of a laptop... the advantage is they come with a wireless internet router, which most laptops do not.
  20. I'm playing a physics game for real men :charming:

  21. noonsun

    So okay.

    Of course I do.
  22. If you get a case for it it'll probably be good... unless it gets washed like mine :dead: except I may be getting a facking NETBOOK to replace it... or not replace it... but you know... :wacky: I'm excited
  23. she actually shew up this time <3

  24. Oh well that could be worse. :blank: I gotta leave for my actual piano lesson now, toodles!

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