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  1. Tonight's the night! Looks like it's pretty full, but not sold out. Can't wait!!
  2. This'll be my first stadium show! Got front row of Section 118, near the C stage. Pretty happy with the tickets, even if it's probably the furthest away from the main stage I've ever been!
  3. Agreed! There was a screen shot from one of the Pepsi behind the scenes thing where It said "Song 5: Clocks / Beyonce / Uptown Funk" so I think it's pretty safe to say Clocks and Uptown Funk are confirmed - well unless that was a preliminary discussion session on what the setlist might be. This could also be the finale...
  4. I have a feeling Will had a lot of input in 'A Sky Full of Stars'. He loves his electronic drums ha. It's a fun song though, if not a bit dancey for Coldplay.
  5. I like it. It's a bit more dancey than it probably should be, but is also a natural progression from MX. I had a feeling there would be some tracks like this on this album, and when Midnight was released it didn't surprise me. That being said, I like all the tracks I have heard so far and I like the variety in their sound. I will be heading to Target to pick up the bonus track edition! :)
  6. Ha, I've been gone too! Not sure why I haven't logged in for so long (maybe almost a year?) but lots of life changes and been busy. Glad to see all is still how it was when I left :) Will doesn't look happy with me though :shame:
  7. Love it! Back to their roots. I hope the next LP is going in this direction.
  8. Ok, I was wrong! THIS is my 2000th post!!! That's ok, Will deserves both! :D :will: :drummer:
  9. Um, I think THIS is my 2000th post - so obviously it had to be in here! :D :will: :drummer:
  10. Hey thanks! I wasn't sure where to post it initially, but makes sense it's in the Live section lol. :)

  11. Hi, I merged your thread (Bid on Coldplay New Year's Eve Experience in New York using United Miles!) with this thread, you can find your post here : )

  12. Bid on Coldplay New Year's Eve Experience in New York using United Miles! For Coldplayers that have lots of United MileagePlus miles to burn, they have the following package up for bid: http://www.mileageplusawards.com/ualoyrewards/auction?productCode=PRD108817&categoryCode=SHPCAT136&t=1355345347080#SHPCAT136 Bidding ends Thursday December 20th at 1pm EST. Bid increment: 1,000 miles. Coldplay New Year's Eve Experience Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY December 31, 2012 Bid on the chance to experience Coldplay performing live on New Year's Eve at the Barclays Center in B
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