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  1. This message is going out to everyone who is part of the Escaping Group. As you may or may not know the :escaping: smilie is currently participating in the Battle of the Smilies. Could you please vote to make sure we make it to the next round. Thankyou :escaping2:

  2. I´m depressed

  3. "i'm a-lookin' for a bloodless revolution . . ." ^_^/ how you doin'? hope you are well!

  4. Hi! How are you?

  5. Re: But a Dream's Story!!! I love your story! Thank you so much for sharing it! *^_^*
  6. KofC: "Oh hi, yeah love that line in that radiohead song, so damn good!" me: hi. i'm sorry! i've blipped quite a few songs since the 15th; which line from radiohead, please? and yes, they are amazing. thanks!

  7. Oh hi, yeah love that line in that radiohead song, so damn good!

  8. Professional? :D No, but it's very, very kind of you to say! It was such a perfect day. :) I wish I could have gotten some better images of what it is to look back and see everyone. So many brilliant faces and smiles! Hands reaching for dancing balloons; two little girls carefully gathering paper butterflies one by one; a couple, just listening to the music, holding each other, smiling and swaying together; amazing things happening every moment. Thank you for the good words!
  9. They Call It “Coldplay Karma”: I’m a Believer! I have to start writing this down before I forget; and these past few days, i want to remember. There is more to the story, but I’m going to go with June 9, 2009 as a starting point. The first thing that happened as i started on my journey, was that I ended up on this long, winding road behind a truck with the word “YELLOW” written across it! The journey continued, and through many a confusing exit and traffic jam, I eventually found my way to the motel I was going to stay in, in a town called “Battle Ground.” I checked in, then decided to drive to where the amphitheater was so I wouldn’t end up getting lost on my way to volunteer for Oxfam the next day. I was also very hungry! I noticed a mini-mall with a grocery and such, and decided to stop on the way back. I found my way to the amphitheater, figured out where the box office/Oxfam meeting point was, and headed back to find dinner. In the mini-mall, there was this Thai restaurant, called the Golden Tusk? While I like Thai food, I’d pretty much convinced myself that I should just go with the granola bar in my purse when this group walked past on their way into the restaurant saying, “Yeah, Guy says this place is ...” -um, lets just say that the rest of the sentence was a compliment! So as silly as it sounds, I took it as “a sign” (and anyone reading this now thinks me a lost cause and a complete nutter). Hey, I really did want that food, but was reasoning against the expense. As it was, it was good for me to get a warm meal into myself. I bought this wonderful tofu curry with rice! I did decide to do some grocery shopping, and bought some veggies and water/juices/etc. for later. Parked outside of the grocery store was this funky silver car with British flags on its doors! Back at the hotel, I started downloading my travel log “thus far” and to my anguish, though I thought everything was okay and saved, somehow the videos were never really downloaded! It would have been okay, except that I’d already deleted almost all of the videos I thought had transfered! Including this really cool side of a mountain that looked like a face --like Rock Biter from the Neverending Story! I was very sad and upset to have lost that image! Anyway. I was also disappointed to discover that the Internet from my room was dial-up and was not “secure” which meant there were certain things I wouldn’t get to do! Downstairs, I found that the “business office” computer was secure, but practically all my favorite haunts were blocked! Annoyance upon annoyance. I tried getting other work done, but couldn’t sleep for the longest time! I finally did. The next day, I discovered the Fred Meyer store. As I walked around, I saw groups of excited people buying flowers, food, etc. chatting... about Coldplay! I looked all around and realized... that all these people were headed toward the same experiential context... literally thousands of people! It was so strange, to feel that sense of unconscious unity, that unseen link. Now, as i found out later at Oxfam, just because Coldplay fans agree on Coldplay, doesn’t mean that they agree on everything else . . . or anything else! But I’m getting ahead of myself. Upon arrival at the Clark County Amphitheater, I was directed to the VIP parking zone. I explained several times that I wasn’t sure this was the right place, but everyone but me seemed certain; then the head security guy decided to agree with me! I think because hot on my heels were several other carloads of “Oxfamily” that were just as lost! We were redirected to parking lot B (I think, already forgetting details!), then finally told to go to parking lot K. (the “K. ‘Stena’ James” parking lot, obviously). I walked to the meeting point, no Soha yet, but volunteers started gravitating together; it was amazing! Canvassing is hard. You would think it easy, because of the goodness of our cause, but many people just “--don’t want to be bothered.” Some were receptive, not all. Others are more than receptive! Oxfam training tells you that most people won’t want to talk to you, but everybody seemed to have something to say to me! I nearly lost my voice with all the discussion! Soha is so great though. As was Alexis, our local coordinator! Amazingly calm, secure, kind, brilliant women! We volunteers all knew well in advance that we would be sitting space available on the lawn, so it was an incredibly strange, unreal, and fantastic happenstance to be given tickets for seating near front and center! Whooohooo!!! I remember just sort of standing there, in shock, wondering at it all. As challenging as it was, I’d do it all again. (Soha, you ever need some help and I can get there in time, you got my number!) The show was magnificent. Everything was perfect! Although i nearly killed myself falling off of a chair I was standing on during The Hardest Part. The reason I fell, was because my back was to the main stage, and I forgot that Will would be harmonizing from there! I heard his voice and I reeled around so fast that I lost my balance! I’m not sure, but I think he saw me and gave me a little smile. After my brush with “death by awkwardness,” I was gently asked to please stay off of my chair for the rest of the show. I think I was lucky not to get evicted altogether though! I’m certain my ecstatic dancing and screaming made me a total nuisance to everyone around me! I tried to capture some of the show on video and in pictures, but to be honest, I don’t know how anyone manages this! My head may tell me to keep still, get clear footage, and focus on one thing, but my feet wouldn’t listen! I was spinning around, looking at all the cool stuff there is to look at, video globes, projection screens, people, the band, floating yellow balloons, and rainbow butterflies! It was just impossible for me not to dance and sing and yell and spin about! Everything was so perfect, I never wanted it to be over; but half-way through “The Scientist” was the prearranged cue to go back to Oxfam tent. When it’s time to go, it’s time to go. It was so great to work with everyone on the Oxfam team! We gave each other hugs, and then for me it was back to the motel, to try to get a couple hours of sleep, before I had to be up and away again to get to the Gorge show. “What!” you say? “The Gorge show too?!” I had gotten a ticket to that show before I found out about the Oxfam/Coldplay alliance, and this particular volunteer opportunity. When i did find out about this, I signed up for the Portland show, not actually expecting to get to participate, but thinking that at the least Oxfam looked like a wonderful organization. When I got the mail asking if I still wanted to volunteer for Portland show I was on the moon! I immediately said YES. Then I realized the marathon I was in for. Let’s go back to the night after the Portland show, day before the Gorge. It took me until almost 1 a.m. to get through the traffic back to my hotel room. I lay down on the bed and wept strange, happy/sad tears; that’s really not like me. Part of it was being tired, but part of it was that it had been such a perfect experience. How many of those do you get in life? Where you really feel like “Hey! somebody up there likes me!” Yeah, i know. One should feel that way about every day, but. . . one doesn’t; or I don’t. I even thought, “Maybe I shouldn’t go to the Gorge, because, like, nothing could ever be better, right?” Then I further thought, “Nah! Coldplay will be awesome whatever!” As it was, my seat was “Section C, Row 42, Seat 3” which had made me laugh originally when it was my random selection from Ticketmaster! As i wrote in my journal: “Section C, Row 42, Seat 3 = Crazy Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything <3 (the number three with a less-than sign in front of it: a heart emoticon meaning love). Given the novelty, I was okay with whatever view “C 42 3” would happen to be. The morning of July 11, 2009, I wasn’t thinking very clearly. I got lost straight away for about half of an hour before finding a way to proper direction. I was running on 3-4 hours of sleep that had been had 34 hours previous. I nearly ran off the road or into road barriers three times, because I would fall asleep at the wheel with my eyes wide open. It wasn’t like nodding off, it was as if I suddenly wasn’t awake or seeing the road anymore, then I’d be “aware” again. One moment I’d be driving and keeping everything in line, the next i’d realize I was headed for a cement barrier! Very scary. I did make it back to my parents’ home though, for to rest a couple of hours; a short break before continuing on to the Gorge show. Recumbent at my folks’ home, I’ve rarely been so tired, yet so wired that still couldn’t sleep. I wrote a couple of blip and twitter updates, then lay down on the bed. The next thing I knew, I was awakened by my cell phone ringing! It was Soha? She had phoned me mistakenly! She was answering my message from yesterday. It was providential, though, because I would’ve probably overslept! As it was, I had just enough time to make it to the Gorge and see some of both of the guest artists’ shows! Sorry, getting ahead of myself again. It was easier traveling in general, but the line of traffic to the Gorge itself, which is a two lane road, is arduous. I arrived, and started toward the venue, eventually meandering through this entrance where all these limos were parked; “VIP” camping? I tried to visualize what that could mean: gold-plated tent stakes? Le Cordon Bleu chefs roast your marshmallows for you? I moved to exit to the venue entrance, and the lady usher standing at the “VIP Camping” exit gate, said that technically she should turn me away and I should have to walk all the way around this other direction, but she was very kind and just let me go through. Those that have been, will tell you “The Gorge is the most beautiful, breathtaking, amazing venue on the planet,” but until you go and see it, you are incredulous. Having been, I have to tell you: “The Gorge is the most beautiful, breathtaking, amazing venue on the planet!” As I meandered though the crowd sitting way up on the lawn ridge of the venue, I realized how lucky i’d been to get a ticket in the seated area at all! There were about 24000 people at the Gorge July, 11, 2009. It was a long journey from the ridge top to the seated area. When I got there, there was no seat where mine should be! I was worried, but then this man came, looked at my ticket, looked at me, said “You’re alone?” and yes, I was. Then with a little smile, he flipped through a stack of tickets and gave me a complimentary ticket, pointing silently to the section, row, and seat; it was for SEC C, ROW 6, SEAT 15! Brilliant! Even if I did get reprimanded for dancing in the aisle during the opening sets. Again, I proved a terrible nuisance to everyone around me! Hands in air, swinging my minicam around, yelling, singing. The show seemed more intense to me than it had the night before, for some reason; or perhaps many reasons. And I should say, that while I got some footage, I had a lot of technical difficulties --like dropping the camera when I nearly fainted at one point in the show (lack of sleep, slight dehydration, and “the nearness” are probably responsible). Also, I ran low on battery power, camera memory, and the minicam just didn’t seem to “feel like” functioning! I’d press the “rec” button, and nothing happened! Most of the time after that, I just surrendered to the experience and accepted I would not be able to capture every moment. I just felt badly, knowing that there are Coldplay fans out there that would love to have gotten that close, and might never ever have the opportunity! I would’ve liked to be in a better position to share that experience with them. Of course, out of 24,000 people in attendance I know I’m not the only one that was filming! Somebody out there is bound to have gotten excellent video! It was so much good all at once. I’m not used to that; feeling like there is someone or something on my side. I guess I don’t know where I am right now, heart wise. I think, that I’m a little depressed? Some sort of “Post-Concert-Traumatic-Stress-Syndrome,” maybe? I miss it all! “It” . . . that frantic getting between new places, feeling a part of something interesting and beautiful, even if it's only for a day! Don't let me give the impression that I'm not grateful for my “normal” life; for what I do have in life, because I am! Yet clearly, I want things to be different; less quiet, less routine, less in my head all the time, less on my own. Which occurs to me is one of the things an excellent concert can do for the heart and head; make them start listening to each other. Many thanks to any patient reader that has made their way through my story, and many thanks to Coldplay, for “such a perfect day,” times two! PS: I don't think we are supposed to do this for purposes of the contest, but I wanted to share the vlog I made. I think it expresses things better than I've just written: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKcdtG6dQoI]YouTube - Coldplay Odyssey: The Gorge[/ame]
  10. Hi! How are you?

  11. Hi again! Sorry I took forever to respond, finals have consumed me this week!:dizzy2: I hope you're enjoying your vacation (and your friends are making time for you! :D)

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