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  1. Floor G, row 23, seat 6. Worth pulling the trigger???
  2. Hahahaha I 1000000% agree, I think the part I dread most about radio contests is listening to the same 10 songs for days on end.
  3. That SUCKS. I know your pain :( Actually this was how I felt last year for the gig at the Ace--called every. single. time. for a week or however long it was. Truly heartbreaking cos I worked two blocks away and just had to torture myself on the drive home :( :( But Saturday is happening!! It'll be a better gig (I'm telling myself lol)!
  4. Oh okay, from the sound of it they're not really gonna be able to enforce it anyway. Totally intend on getting there early and finishing a book or two haha. Yeah we were thirdish row in front of Guy, and seeing those VIPs get in ahead of us was infuriating but hey, it's Coldplay, to be expected. God I can't even deal with the stress of trying to win 98.7 tickets too, I'm impressed by your dedication. (And totally been there--for KROQ I was caller one, thirteen and nineteen last week. And eventually won from Tidal lol.) Last week was enough of a hassle lying to get out of work to catch them at CBS (thankfully down the street from my office!) and then getting to the Belasco.
  5. Wondering about this too...I'm no stranger to the "wait outside for 8 hours to get at the front" game but I've surprisingly never dealt with this supposed no lining up policy. Anyone got any tips? Last Friday my friend and I got about 20th in line from being there hourrrrss but I don't want to set aside a whole day (when I could potentially be working too :/ ) when some bouncer dudes are just gonna shoo us away.
  6. A small sinking feeling, yeah... But hopefully they'll just do the Grammys and leave it at that? I'd much rather hear something else than have her come onstage. PS Anyone knows about openers or whatnot? This is an odd show out, so I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't one, but then again, that's weird.
  7. Jason and Dianne...can I please join you in the ridiculous fanatic circle in the pit? Cos I don't want to be the only one singing and dancing like a madman.... Seriously, let's be friends. :)
  8. YEAH GA PIT! Are you getting there super early? I'd love to make friends with some Coldplayers, as I'm flying solo (none of my friends are as cool as you guys are) and I can't get there until 3ish in the afternoon. If anyone's getting there super early, I would love to be line buddies. Slash if you save me a spot in line, I will bring you double chocolate cookies or whatever baked good of your choosing. :)
  9. Ticketmaster tried screwing me over several times, but I finally got through for a GA pit. I'm guessing it's closer than GA standing? Anyway, any mega CP fan should know there's nothing more incredible than being right in front of the stage at a concert...so yes, definitely worth it. Plus, it's for charity, right? Justify it to yourselves that way! That's how I'm doing it...
  10. So freakin' excited they're going to be here in less than a month! And we Angelenos thought we had to wait until May... Tickets are steep, as per usual--what do you guys think GA floor will be? $500? Damn.
  11. I can't believe how little was available for the general sale. Luckily enough I had an AmEx. Didn't realize you couldn't get VIP without an AmEx--that's outrageous. I knew the Hollywood Bowl was a little ridiculous and pricey, but stubhub basically has the entire thing on lockdown. And what are we supposed to do, pay double and triple ticket prices cos we're not magic scalpers who can somehow get their hands on amazing tickets? A fan club would be great. Just anything that doesn't involve ticketmaster...which is an insanely idealistic dream, unfortunately.
  12. Whoa! Congrats!! The only reason I went all-out VIP was cos I was SURE they were the only way to get into pool circle...were you doing the AmEx cardmember presale or the preferred seating presale with the password? (And if the following, do you mind sharing the password?)
  13. It was for just one. But it's VIP party package...guessing a lot of perks. Justifying it since I'm going alone and not going the night before (unless I win tickets or something).
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