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  1. Hello Coldplayers! I could really use some insight from any guitar gurus here on Coldplaying. I'm a giant fan of the "ringing", "chiming", and "jangling" guitar sound that is the trademark style of Coldplay and U2. I know Jonny mostly plays Fender guitars, and so does The Edge. However, The Edge also uses Gibson guitars. In fact, The Edge usually plays a Gibson Explorer (an axe mostly seen in hard rock music) during live performances of Beautiful Day, and that characteristic U2 tone can still be heard. I own a Gibson Les Paul Standard and my friend owns a Paul Reed Smith (I don't k
  2. Anyone going to this one? I think it's the first major concert inside the new stadium.
  3. I don't understand why Coldplay just doesn't do the whole GA thing like U2 does. I prefer to be standing up on the floor instead of being surrounded by stupid metal chairs.
  4. I'm seriously considering ditching the Houston show for this one. I heard the Chicago shows this past summer got rained out. Hopefully, that won't happen next summer. Which hotels is everyone staying at?
  5. Well, I want to experience Coldplay in different cities, like I did with U2 on the 360 Tour.:bucktooth: I've already made plans to see them in Foxboro, DC (biggest stadium in the NFL), Minneapolis (brand-new stadium), and Vancouver (seeing a concert in Western Canada for the first time). I might have to give up seeing them in Houston due to prior commitments. I want to see if the crowds in the Boston area are as rowdy as the crowds in the NYC area are.:cool:
  6. I promised myself that I'd see Coldplay in Canada at least one time.:braces: Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to make it to Toronto or Montreal. And Edmonton, I take it, would be a pain in the neck to travel to. So Vancouver it is. Vancouver is beautiful city, so I think I'll do some sightseeing the day after the show.:cheesy:
  7. I'm flying from NYC for this show, since I used to travel to Houston for work-related activities. For those of you traveling to Houston, where are you guys staying? NRG Stadium is FAR from the downtown area.
  8. I'm going to this show because I missed the first one at Gillette. I'm a bit apprehensive, though. I've driven from NYC to Foxboro in the past (for U2 and Taylor Swift), and it's an absolute nightmare- especially during the summer. It takes me over FIVE hours to drive through Connecticut and Rhode Island to get to Foxboro. It's ridiculous. Can anyone tell me what the first Gillette show was like this past summer?
  9. I'm driving straight from Foxboro to the DC area for this show. I'm curious to see how the show will play out in such a massive stadium. The two shows at MetLife over the summer were unreal.
  10. All I wanted from this forum was civilized discourse. Instead, I get all this flaming from all these Coldplayers. I've never met a community of vindicitive, obnoxious people in my life. FUCK ALL OF YOU AND THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. HBK-79

    See Ya

    I'm leaving for good. I don't feel right here. Take this forum and shove it. I just want to say goodbye and leave it at that. Thank you all.
  12. I'm leaving. I can't find any nice people here. I tried to make friends here, but it didn't work out. Have this place. It's no place for me any more. Moderators- Please delete my account. I won't be coming back here.
  13. I want this to end. This discussion isn't going in the direction that I hoped it would. Moderators- Please close this thread. Thank you.
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