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  1. I have an acoustic electric guitar, but I'm not sure exactly how to amplify it. Do I need a special amp? I bought an RP90 effects unit, and it has a bypass mode. Can I plug my acoustic into that on bypass? Thanks!
  2. Yeah, they seem to tour a lot, anyways. I know they aren't gonna be at a festival near me any time soon. The only one they might be at (near me) is lollapalooza, and the lineup's already out, and I'm not too excited about it (Lady GaGa >:( ). Idk how I'll get a concert fix in 2010, but my parents said they might make up for it by buying me a really nice birthday gift like a bass or a new guitar or amp. And I could get close by offering to roadie for my friend's band...
  3. Yeah, I'm 15. By my parents don't want to drive back late at night, so I'm screwed. :\
  4. exactly. Maybe they will change their minds if I show them concert videos.
  5. Well, my parents would also wonder why I'm gone. I could just say I'm smoking pot, lol jk.
  6. I didn't know I have a vagina. The only problem is, my parents. They won't let me miss school for this, and I have no way of traveling to this without them.
  7. Well, my dad can't take off work the next day, and my mom would have to come with. My parents won't leave my sister here, and they somehow think that I'll have another chance to see Muse, but the only other chance is if I convince them to go to Cincinnati a month after the show I wanna go to. They really need to open their minds to the possibilty of getting home at 1 AM. Or planning a trip to Ohio...
  8. Ok, just so you all know, I'm in high school, and I live in Chicago, the show is in Milwaukee, that's a 2 hour drive. the show is at 7:30, I get out of school at 3:20, and shows usually end around 11. I'd get home at 1 AM. My mom could get the next day off work. I could just miss the first 1/2 periods, if necessary. I don't know why my parents don't think of this as a valid reason to leave school, I've been taken out for baseball games, I've been taken out for doctor's appoitments, I've been taken out for funerals. I mean, baseball games, there are hundreds every year in my city. This might be my only chance to see Muse. Bah, why can't I just create a robot of myself to go to school. grrr. If only cloning was invented....
  9. So I really wanna see muse on an upcoming tour, but they're only show in my area is on a school night :cry: , and it's 2 hours away from my house, so I'd have to miss school the next day. How can I convince my parents that it is worth missing 1 day of school to see the best live band ever? Thanks :)
  10. Ok, so with my upcoming departure from my band, thus will begin the hunt for new musicians. In the time being, I will stick with a solo acoustic project. I don't plan to go straight into another band, but what are some good ways to find musicians? Btw, facebook doesn't count as a place. It didn't work the first few times, so I doubt it will end well again.
  11. Ok, so what I'm thinking of doing is talking to my band mates about their vision of what they want the band to be. I already know my bassist really wants to do pop punk, which I sort of refuse to do. My guitarist feels the same as my bassist, but my drummer, even though he's pop punk oriented, will do anything. If I can't make any reasonable compromise, then I'm out. My past 2 bands (also my first 2) have been plagued by not being able to practice, and the drummer is in another band. So if I decide to quit, then I'll try to find places to find other local musicians. And this time, facebook won't count as a place (I already kinda knew the people, we just to know each other better through facebook), but I can use it to find places. I might want to become close friends with the people before starting a band, too. @Questions of Science, wow , your drummer smokes. I don't blame you at all for quitting. That drummer sounds like a loser.
  12. There is a chance that things will clear up, they're generally reasonable people, but being in a band with someone can bring out their worst. So I'm gonna wait a little bit to see if things get better, and then if it fails, I'll just do what you said.
  13. I just wish I could do that. Musicians, especially bassists, are hard to find. The only ones I know who like my kind of music are already in bands. Maybe it's time to get a drum kit and bass and go solo...
  14. So my band had "practice" (3/4 practice, for the second time :thinking: ). This time, instead of 2 guitarists and a bassist, we had a power trio. We all got along fine, but one problem was that all my band mates wanted to do was Blink-182 and Green Day. :angry: Not that I don't like those bands (well, I sorta not like blink), but I wanted to do some other stuff, and tried to encourage them to play some Muse. All of the members are capable of that music, but my bassist refuses to because he thinks that "Muse is gay." Of course, right after he said that, Uprising started playing on our drummers iPhone. But, back on the topic, it feels like my bandmates aren't thinking, and want a Blink-182 rip off, like every single teenage american suburban band seems to be. Of course, the bassist thinks that Blink are more talented than Muse, and he only knows Knights of Cydonia (he's into punk and metal, btw). What songs should I send to them, and how can I convince them that only doing Blink covers is a bad thing? Thanks, Dan.
  15. So my new band is trying to choose names. Our influences are mainly Coldplay, Muse, and that general type of music. We were using vinyl fantasy (our drummer :P), but decided that won't sell. What about these names: -Gee Whiz -Cpt. Crunch and the Cereal Killers (again, our drummer) -The Entropy that's all we got :/
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