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  1. Could it by any chance be their dorm from university? I think I saw something similar from the AHFOD documentary.
  2. Suhit

    rudy_o thread

    I absolutely agree (Hello everyone btw!) I'm always going to keep coming back to the forum. I would like to visit more often, but growing up and having lots of work sucks (not really, I'm grateful for it, but you know what I mean). This community has really helped me fight some demons and has made me feel welcome all the time. Now it's time to happy cry a bit and keep my keyboard away from my tears.
  3. Oh, I've come really late to this news. Is it possible for someone to DM me the song please?
  4. Has anyone managed to watch the Road to Jordan video on Youtube Premium? EDIT nvm, found it!
  5. Marianna Champion has done backing vocals on the song Everyday Life. That's Will's wife, yes?
  6. Looks like Viva la Vida won the poll on Coldplay's youtube community page :| (Check top right corner of the image) I have a feeling they shipped the viva drum and bell kit by mistake to Jordan so then they rigged the poll to make the most of it. Unless the bell is for the Sunrise-Sunset Interludes and the drums come attached to it.
  7. Not sure if this was mentioned earlier in this thread. I had skipped a few pages in the middle. But doesn’t Trouble in Town sound like it was composed at around the same time as E-Lo? Especially with the slightly distorted drum at the end, and the kids’ chanting. It sounds very similar to E-Lo there.
  8. Holy hell. I haven't had this feeling of excitement about a new Coldplay song since Violet Hill. The snippet so far sounds very promising!
  9. 200 pages coming up btw. Can't believe it rushed from somewhere around page 46 to 200 so quickly. (was it 46? I'm too lazy to bother checking)
  10. Ah, so you felt the glitch at 1:46 too. I thought something was wrong with my system or something. But when it happened across platforms, I realised that it could be a problem in the track itself. It's really strange that such a glitch has come through without anyone at Coldplay HQ noticing it.
  11. "The band has also announced it will release the “Orphans” music video tomorrow (October 25) at 8 a.m. Eastern." https://pitchfork.com/news/coldplay-share-new-songs-orphans-and-arabesque-listen/
  12. Was it somewhere in the Head Full of Dreams film?
  13. Did you guys notice a small glitch in the track at 1:46? Just when the chorus kicks in; there's a small little break RIGHT before the downbeat of the chorus. This usually happens when a section of an audio file is cut and placed elsewhere (especially in remixes/rearrangements) in the track but there isn't a crossfade between the sections. But I can't imagine nobody noticing a glitch in the track, so I'm guessing it's made like that? Sounds a little weird to me for some reason. Anybody else feel the same way?
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