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  1. Can't Wait for Tonight! Back in Stadiums! Just reminds me of this.. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EmSPOFFBC4&feature=g-upl]Coldplay Opening Manchester 4th December 2011 - YouTube[/ame] :D
  2. hah yeah i did enjoy the gig, was amazing!! Met Chris after the show too. Well ive got some photos if you want me to send them 2 you at all?
  3. Were you the unlucky lady in front of me, who's camera broke just before Coldplay Came on?
  4. I would love Jay-Z to replace her. But something tells me Devon Probably isn't his scene!
  5. Ha sounds like a plan! Just make sure your dad has a red bull ora coffee :p. Did you manage to get yourself 3 tickets or does someone have to wait outside? Sounds like an awesome present! Hope your okayy now :)
  6. Yeah in September i did the trip up to London. It gets expensive but its so worth it!!! Thats mental! Can't ebay take them down or something??? Are you staying in a hotel or driving back afterwards??
  7. I live about 5 minutes drive from Exeter. Was going to sit outside hmv for tickets but its december! Can't believe people qued just to sell them!!!! awful!
  8. Some how managed to gain tickets whilst in an I.C.T lesson in school. Not only did i have the nerves of tryng to get tickets, but also the nerves of trying not to get caught! (My ict teacher hates coldplay:o). Should be amazing though :)
  9. Anyone else think that the payment load thing took ages!! the suspense was killing me!!!
  10. Whats the lastest you can get there and still hope to get golden circle? any ideas?
  11. Im looking for two tickets for Paris on the 7th of September. Thanks
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