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  1. I met Will last monday (: He was working with some friends at the Beehive. He was doing a music teaching course with kids? He told me something like that. Very friendly and nice person. I asked if he had some time for us and we talked for like 5 minutes. Now the only one I haven't met is Guy -.- He was at the Efteling theme park that day in my home country haha :lol:
  2. I don't know if this is already figured out, I couldn't find it anywhere. So we have Ink on the DVD/Bluray and Always In My Head, Midnight and A Sky Full Of Stars on the CD. My question is from which night are these songs? Maybe someone can help me if this isn't answered yet. What I already figured out: (I compared the songs to the radio broadcast from the July 1 show) - Always In My Head is from July 2 (Listen to the last lyric "Out from the rest...") - Midnight, i'm not so sure. Only thing I could find: No clapping before "Millions of miles from home" on the radio broadcast.
  3. You should check them out if they are playing nearby you! Great tribute band, and they also play a few songs from Ghost Stories. Talked to the singer and guitarist and they are just big Coldplay fans, trying to sound like Coldplay. It was a fun night for me (: [video=youtube;CfREQ2SDDlA] http://coldplace.co.uk At first I was a bit skeptic. Why see a band that just copies another act. Of course it doesn't compare to the real show. For me it was just really cool to see fans trying to play the songs just like the band. What do you think about tribute bands? And what do you think of Col
  4. Chris was meeting with a producer monday night. Other then that we talked about football, and the Albert Hall show the next day.
  5. Other then that Chris and Jonny were so friendly. They really took the time to talk, sign a few things for me and my friends, and take pictures.
  6. Anyone else had the same thing? I wanted to shake Chris' hand but he said "No no no, just washed my hands". And then he gave me a fistbump. Thought was a little weird.
  7. I got stalls tickets! This is where we are seated: How I got through: 1: Have "time.is" as second tab in my browser 2: Hit F5 every 20 seconds until 10:29.00 3. Hit F5 exactly at 10:29.39 4. I immediately got to the website, refreshed again and could buy tickets 5. But if you are in the queue again, the queue lasts 20 seconds so you will be in at exactly 10:30.00 I could have chosen the arena tickets but I was trying with 3 people, and we agreed on all trying different seats because there is a different amount of tickets for each category. If you get through, and want the best
  8. True Love or A Sky Full Of Stars Princess of China Lost! What If (X&Y was the hardest choice) In My Place High Speed
  9. I know I am not allowed to complain but the setlist of Cologne sucked next to this! I paid 125 dollars for that, and in LA they play 4 entire songs more and also the entire Ghost Stories AND Atlas/Don't Panic/'Til Kingdome Come/Yellow/A Whisper... Man I hope to get tickets for London.
  10. Oh well you are so mature. Ever heard of empathy, It's something you lack. Do you now how many fans didn't get tickets? It's not even about me, cause I already am lucky to have seen them this tour in Cologne. It's about the thousands of fans who couldn't get tickets. Real fans, who would love to go to the concert. Are you aware of that? The concert is expansive enough as it is. I get what you're saying why you have two extra tickets. But you should not make money from it! No you promised me nothing, I don't care. That people are bidding is there choice. It's YOUR choice to act on the bids.
  11. Can moderators give him a permanent ban?
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