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  1. Happy Birthday! :vuvuzela:


  3. Midget wrestling. oh, is it music specific? the thread title was vague. My bad.
  4. Mine arrived this morning. Over the moon with it. I don't know why but I was expecting it in some kind of bigger, cuboid-like box. I kept thinking pre-opening it 'I swear to god if this is just the vinyl....' :P
  5. HAH! just saw this! :lol: I'm going to the stadium of light gig, purely because Sunderland being my hometown, my flat is literally a five minute walk up the road so I won't have to fork out for hotels or travel and a whole load of my close friends are going. I did think about getting an emirates ticket aswell being an Arsenal fan, but that would be... blah, too much effort! :P
  6. I think they'll arrive before christmas depending on where you are in the world. The e-mail was specific in saying that all are hoping to be despatched on the 16th for delivery on the 19th-ish. that's what I got from it anyway.
  7. I don't want to rock the boat, but just putting this out there... if they make a music video together, and gaga looks fine... then I am completely okay with it.
  8. this is not a response directly aimed at you so please do not take offence, but can people in general please stop banging on about a follow-up EP? They did it once with Prospekts March... that doesn't mean it will now become a tradition after every album. There was no such thing for Parachutes and no such thing for AROBTTH or X&Y, and I don't know if there will be one for MX but until some sort of viable news of an EP comes to light I would very much like to remain in the frame of mind that there won't be one. B-sides are a luxury on a single release but not necessarily a guarantee and
  9. Your entire post has no credibility and serves only to make me angry. Why are you including songs both on the main track list and on the B-sides that have not been released and that we have not heard? how do you know they would fit or would be worthy inclusions? I've made my peace with people banging on about MTM because at least it's out there to be judged but I can't agree with anything as naive as this. you dun goofed.
  10. Christmas lights being on this album would have been a travesty. Given that its' a christmas song and you can't really put a christmas song on an otherwise un-christmas themed record, however the sister song for christmas lights was wedding bells, I think if they'd not released christmas lights, Wedding bells would be more fitting for the album, but this is irrelevant.
  11. Using it to see what I think of it on my iPod. Nicely made.
  12. Apologies for going off topic again, this'll be the last, but- a BOAT load of people saying the protagonist is Tommy Vercetti. now I'm not one to jump on no bandwagon, I'm british so I'm a pessimist :P but if you watch the trailer, and listen to him, then go listen to a VC cutscene it does sound a lot like Ray Liotta and could actually be him but older in SA.
  13. What did you think of it? It looks okay, I mean... it's SA again Rockstar aren't really bringing anything FRESH. bugs me.
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