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  1. Well, I've experienced some very early queuing many times, I wouldn't be surprised
  2. Hi, I just walked around and there are no people queuing for the gig yet, just for the museum
  3. Hi guys, I haven't been on this forum for ages, I used to be quite active before. I flew in to London yesterday from Slovakia. I know there are many people desperate for a ticket but I'll try anyway (if you never try...) If there is anyone with a spare ticket, I would be grateful forever!
  4. That was such a unique show, I wish they did the small Christmas gigs again!
  5. I'm seeing a crazy situation outside the stadium on Twitter, people still outside, waiting to be let in, because of the strict controls. Is there anyone actually inside?? Will they delay the start?
  6. Yes, just saw the tweet :) Seems so early to start 8.15
  7. Hi there, I'm not going to Munich, waiting for Vienna. Just wanted to ask, did you get any information about when the gates open? They usually tweet and I don't see anything today. Thanks!
  8. Hallo everyone, we have a facebook group for selling/buying tickets. It's mostly in Czech/Slovak language, but it's fine if you post in English as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/563580930517557/
  9. Thank Bojo for your wonderful review, reading it, I could relive that magical day again! See you soon!
  10. Haha, nobody has ever called me sensible when Coldplay were concerned, so thanks very much for this point of view, I'll remember that! :laugh1:
  11. Thanks everyone for the pictures and videos. I didn't take any, my camera is crap. We have probably met, I was the crazy one first in the queue ;-) I agree that the security guards were great with handling this. (I guess it's easier to manage 3 thousand than 80 thousand) :laugh1: See you next time!
  12. See you there, we met at the Wembley queue, I brought a sandwich for Linus :-)
  13. I'll see tomorrow, don't have anything else to do, probably midday or a bit earlier. What about you?
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