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  1. What time is everybody planning to start queueing? :)
  2. I'll be there as well! About to pick up my tickets...so excited :bliss:
  3. Does anybody know how the tickets will be delivered (digital/mail)? :) My billing and shipping addresses differ and I found no way to let them know of this...
  4. I'm afraid the Etihad Stadium does not have a roof that can be shut....but no worries, as others said, they definitely won't start till before 8PM. Let's just hope it doesn't rain...it's Manchester after all :D
  5. I got in, but it doesn't let me buy tickets...they must have been gone in seconds :/
  6. 1. The Good Wife 2. House of Cards 3. Hannibal 4. Agatha Christie's Poirot 5. Sherlock 6. Mildred Pierce 7. Downton Abbey 8. Orange Is The New Black 9. The Closer 10. Looking
  7. not in the Australian store...but the preview is available in the New Zeland one ;)
  8. Yup...it even has overexposed areas all over the video. Stuff you can fix in a €150 camera if you know how to use it...Mat Whitecross, what was that?
  9. Agreed. Love the concept, but it could have been shot in a much much better way :inquisitive:
  10. what is this we're hearing? :stunned:
  11. Sent you PMs, but seriously just search for 'Coldplay', sort by date uploaded and look for 'New Coldplay song'. It couldn't be any easier.
  12. Definitely not posting it anywhere. Just search for it, it's still up. Took me like 5 secs to find it ;)
  13. A part of True Love is on YouTube now, just sayin ;)
  14. Nope, sorry. With exams coming up in a week I don't really have the time to traslate it all. Maybe somebody else CzechSlovak (wisna?) could look into it. But you have all the interesting bits in the forst post anyway ;) The video is embedded in the first post.
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