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  1. NO! live the actual strings are looped, what chris and jonny are playing is a harpsichord sound. Look on BBC performance (chris strikes a chord early b4 the song, and its obviously harpsichord.)
  2. Jeff PLEASE read my inbox message i sent u and consider it

  3. its very good, i like it!!! btw did u get my inbox message about the LIT II sONG GALAXY request
  4. ok, jeff292 if your listening please check your inbox and consider posting all of the tracks to LIT II, its for a good cause and it'd be nice to help out a fellow coldplay fan
  5. I want to paint my guitar like his, but i need a really good closeup shot of it so i can make sure i get all the details right. can any one help?
  6. its a gibson blues king. i actually just bought a Fender GDP-100 for 99.00 when the bibson is 2999.99 and it sounds and play EXACTLY like it!!!!!
  7. can you tab it out please , i'm talkin bout the chords when he sings "you thought you might be a ghost" "you didnt get to heaven but you made it close"
  8. What are the chords Chris plays on "42" when he pickes up the acoustic? like on the BBC dvd after the piano part
  9. djeff292, i would donate, but i dont have any money, and my gig is on saturday and i dont plan on making money soon, so if i could just have it for free i'd be most appreciated

  10. thnks dude, this helped alot!!!!! thanks again for the tabs
  11. thanks bro the only problem is that it doesny sound right when you play the open Low E srtring (the tab says too)
  12. Hey I also have a Life In Technicolor ii Tab if you want that. Its tunned the same way.

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