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  1. After the bit where he sings "And just think Ah, Ah, Oh"... Does anyone know what chords you could use on a guitar doing an acoustic version of this? I play along to the whole song on my acoustic then boom...live version keeps going!
  2. On youtube there's a version of Chris singing Yellow with Noel Gallagher playing acoustic. Anyone know the chords? A million thanks!
  3. Check out justinguitar.com Fantastic website :)
  4. Been a fan since Day 1 - since they were an "indie" band. What I dislike primarily about this album is the drums and most of the lyrics. They are really weak and almost laughably simplistic at times. Surprising since he's stated many times he wanted to improve that. "such a precious jewel" literally made me wince. I don't get how Chris can site the influences he does then come up with the lyrics he does on this album. ASFOS is this albums ETIAW - both soulless songs in my opinion. I really, really wanted to like this album because....well, I love Coldplay. I can't see this one g
  5. Don't like it at all. I thought Mylo moved away from classic Coldplay and it seems they've continued on the same path with this album. I know he loves pop music but the lyrics on the last album and now this one are so simplistic. I appreciate bands have and want to change and grow but I don't see going from what Coldplay was to what ASFOS is as a progression. Boring lyrics to a dance beat? No thanks...
  6. They're all shit but Charlie Brown is the least shit.
  7. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  8. I'm saying that the album is just mediocre: It's the peripheral stuff that sets the bar lower and lower and lower and lower and lower. It's a joke. Usually, I don't really care about the videos, but this one's just offensive to me. Coldplay is now a brand, and they're acknowledging it and marketing themselves as such. It's not about the music anymore: It's about selling shit. When I say that the bar is getting lower I'm saying that the quality of their exposure to the public is very very much lower than it used to be. I could go into specifics but I don't really care enough. You h
  9. Coldplay makes some great music but sure makes some shit videos. This one feels like a commercial for the comic. PoC and now this? Dreadful videos...
  10. No, I'm not. I've been to 14 shows over the course of their career and he looks bored at most of them.
  11. Viva for me. MX doesn't flow and ETIAW is horrible, imho. I find the production of MX is not great - beginning of Hurts Like Heaven and DLIBYH are two examples...DLIBYH sounds like one big sonic mess.
  12. If he "always looks like he's having the time of his life", I woudn't of made that comment.
  13. His bass lines are boring and he always looks like he'd rather be anywhere else than on stage...
  14. Is he still using the Gibson Blues King on this tour?
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