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  1. oh jesus I know you don't post anymore but I was lurking an old thread and your avatar jsjhdjshsjds

  2. This is the best thing I've seen all year. :bomb: *follow* Now I feel like making Matt gifs. As if I don't spend enough time making gifs already.
  3. Tilburg and Bloemendaal? :nice: Last time I saw them they played Lucky You. :dead:
  4. As the world's bloggers and music critics fling around hastily-arrived-at opinions on Radiohead's new album 'The King Of Limbs', the truly important issue of the day has been overlooked - namely, just how does Thom 'Crazy Legs' Yorke pull off those liquid-limbed dance moves in the 'Lotus Flower' video? Naturally people in living rooms and indie discos across the nation will be itching to imitate said moves this weekend. But, please, a word of warning: these are advanced techniques and should under no circumstances be attempted until you've read the following step-by-step instructions. h
  5. I was just about to post that. :lol: These gifs make today even better. THOM DANCING. asdfghgfdsa
  6. Codex Bloom GUTG asdfgdsasdfgdsadfg Separator and Little By Little kind of as well. I can't choose. ;___; Basically the only two songs I'm not crazy about are Feral and Mr Magpie.
  7. Not my gifs, though I could make that one for you. :nice: (edit: oh, it's either flash or mp4. No can do <__<) More gifs:
  8. I posted this in the gif thread this afternoon. Nearly every dancing Thom gif from the music video I think. (the good ones anyway)
  9. Favourites anyone? I am positively in love with Codex. :heart:
  10. Philipshalle is a smaller venue? In that case I don't want to know what a big venue is. :lol:
  11. Also.. what if they release another album tomorrow? :lol: *very very wishful thinking*
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