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  1. this is me...i haven't posted any pics in ages!:)
  2. Can't resist downloading the leak because Beirut is my all-time favorite band. I thought just because The Rip Tide is their 3rd LP, I might be disappointed if it is not up to par with the earlier albums. Well I wasn't disappointed at all! The album contains only 9 songs, but those are quality songs. There isn't any weak song on the album! I guess it is because Beirut's music keeps on evolving, its themes and influences are always changing. I think in Gulag Orkestar was inspired by gypsy and Balkan music. The Flying Club Cup was reminiscent of French chansons. The EP March of the Zapotec wa
  3. Hello! I'm sorry for the very late reply! I have read your wall post just now. How was the National's show in Vancouver? I haven't been listening to the band like I used to but its music really make me relax whenever I listen to it. Wow I guess you have been into many awesome concerts...i mean, canada is where great indie bands of late comes from! Thanks for your concern. I'm not depressed all the time. I'm happy right now lol. Thanks.

  4. Lots of talented artists here! I recently learned the basics of flash animation. Here's the first one I made: my first ever flash animation
  5. happy birthday, have a wonderful one :) best wishes.

  6. @Ainsley: those are really mind blowing illustrations! very awesome! : :)
  7. Hello :) I am a lover of The National and so, surfing through this forum, I found your review of Boxer, etc. Aren't they incredible??! I'm going to see them in 3 weeks in Vancouver :D :D So... getting to the point, I noticed that your mood was set as "Depressed" and I just wanted to say that (I cannot guarantee this but) everything will be alright :) and there must be lows in order to have highs :nice:

  8. sorry it's taking a long time for me to post my review. i had some personal issues to settle. anyway, i'll be posting mine either this saturday or sunday :D thanks for your patience, mixtape partner!
  9. yes! haha. i tried to put entirely new songs in my mix, but i ended up including some old favorites. some of them really goes well with the theme and tone of my mix! :D
  10. That's my mixtape! Wow, I'm so glad you liked almost all the songs :D So here's the tracklist: 1. "I sold my hands for food so please feed me" - Get Well Soon [Rest Now Weary Head...You Will Get Well Soon, 2008] 2. "Sylvia" - The Antlers [Hospice, 2009] 3. "I stand corrected" - Vampire Weekend [Vampire Weekend, 2008] 4. "Rio" - Hey Marseilles [To Travel and Trunks, 2010] 5. "Cliquot" - Beirut [The Flying Club Cup, 2007] 6. "Close your eyes, we are blind" - Alaska in Winter feat. Zach Condon of Beirut [Dance Party in the Balkans, 2007] 7. "Squalor victoria" - The National
  11. Just listened to mine :) Will make a review after a few more listens :D BTW, can I already post my tracklisting because my mixtape has already been reviewed?
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