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  1. Well I guess it's what happenned because if you don't know you could really think Nico looks like Keshia
  2. Wait, where do the gifs come from ?! I've never seen them before !
  3. You're right, there really are 4 people. Maybe it was Guy and he just missed him, or maybe they've gotten someone to play live with them ?
  4. Ohmyguy, first time seeing Guy in 5 months ! :dead: Where were these pics taken ? I guess I recognise Magne and Keshia there :)
  5. So we don't hear much from Guy but look, how cute !
  6. Her makeup is great but her outfit and her hair... Eurk ! She should go back to the hairstyle she had in 2008 when she was promoting the first Iron Man. That made her look a bit younger and a bit more um "fun"
  7. Do you even read what people tell you ? Or maybe you're just stupid ?
  8. Oh hi Guy Berryman :dazzled: Lovely to know you are still alive :dazzled:
  9. Is it me or there's a bit too much Photoshop going on ? I think she's barely recognisable
  10. It's so going to be Will or Chris. No way Guy or Jonny would ever go there on their own to potentially accept an award ^^
  11. I waaaaant neeewwww piiiiics :( I want the boys to be at the Brits just to see new pics ^^
  12. Haha I knew this was going to happen :D
  13. Ohmygod, all of these stories are SO ridiculous ! :laugh3:
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