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  1. if i wanted to kill myself then i would hear paris hilton or miley cyrus :P:laugh3: they suck
  2. jaja all your posts made me feel better :) thanks jeje well and also listening to the scientist
  3. this goddam day sucks¬° last week i dated this great guy i meet a while ago. I was so happy and my hopes were immense. and today back to school he went with flowers but turns out they werent for me¬°:cry: all that happines dissapear in a moment i cant tweet anymore im so sad i just need a big bucket of ice cream and coldplay. i will feel better after i hear their amazing songs anyway have you guys any moments when you fall back on coldplay?? like me in this sad afternoon?
  4. its really good, i loved the quantity of slang it contains

  5. oh i want to read that soo bad

  6. uh yeah also mine. i just finish reading a book of J. D Salinger called the catcher in the rye uuh and i really liked it

  7. lol i know.... i cant help perv ness ill def. add the book to my read list

  8. thats so perv jaja i havent read the books either, i think reading the story will be better than watching it

  9. nah i know a sight were i can watch it in english in good quality so ...ya and besides... if its on my pc i can .... ya know.... rewind certain parts over and over.. and over haha jk. havent read the books yet but i sooo want to

  10. yep already seen it but i think you must watch on the movie teather u know with the HUGE screen:wink3:.Although wanna watch in english cause i saw it in espanish and lets face it it was crap, all the gods say sounds as a joke jajaja and the translation they make its hilarious. have u read the book???

  11. no!!! omg i wanna watch it. havent got around to it (i can watch it on the web) the boy who plays percy... good lord... what a fine piece of man-tasticness .....anyways lol have you seen it yet?

  12. that rocks... feel so envy. hey did you saw percy jackson already??

  13. lol i just got some color swatches so excited

  14. jejeje if the stars shine for it, then yes :P

  15. lol my room is skin and bones? lol

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