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  1. Farewell For The Fans? idk I'm too tired and I read that theory on Twitter
  2. My lazy review (not including interludes): Higher Power: 8/10 fun fun last part better Humankind: 6/10 bad lyrics, sounds ready for a sport event, might like later Human Heart: 8/10 moving, i cry People of the Pride: 8/10 more guitar please Byutiful: 8/10 gets better everytime My Universe: 7/10 fun, BTS best part Infinity Sign: 6/10 nothing special Coloratura: 10/10 doesn't deserve to be on this album, too good to be here, please make more like this
  3. Coloratura is the best, not feeling the rest yet. We're kind so they call us humankind... seriously, Chris?
  4. To me the acoustic version has the same problem than the HP one: the vocals are the same as the studio version and it doesn't fit at all with the acoustic guitar.
  5. Jonny's solo reminded me of Moving to Mars. One of their best songs in years, just wow!
  6. I have never listened to any BTS song so their collab is gonna be a total surprise for me and I'm so excited. Coloratura tomorrow!! 🥳
  7. Oh I'm gonna love this album, can't wait for the announcement tomorrow! 🥰
  8. Visually it's a 10 for me. And the intro is perfect. But I didn't like the dancing holograms the first time and I don't like them here too. I was expecting some kind of plot, something about inspiring others to leave the planet or someting, idk.
  9. Wow that was WAAAAAAY better than what I was expecting 😂 I mean I liked the 15 sec preview but the outro alone takes the song to another level! Couldn't help but smile the whole music video 🥰 I can't tell you how much I love this band 😭💖
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