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  1. 73 on Metacritic! Last time one of their albums had a favorable reception like this was VLVODAAHF (72)
  2. I'm only interested in Pitchfork's review, to be honest. Even if they don't like Coldplay there's always something interesting in the way they see the band . I can see them rating Everyday Life less than a 6 out of 10 (I'll be surprised if they rate it more than that).
  3. There are some songs that had me thinking "in which way are the other members of the band participating here?" and it gets a bit annoying (BrokEn and Guns for example).
  4. I feel the same. Overall it has a great sound but some songs feel underdeveloped if that makes sense. No need to have big anthems or anything but I feel is missing something. I'll keep listening to it to see if I can catch what it is.
  5. I think it's too soon to start thinking where the album will rank in our personal list but I'm curious too My ranking is: 1. AROBTTH 2. X&Y 3. Ghost Stories 4. VLVODAAHF 5. Parachutes 6. Mylo Xyloto 7. AHFOD I wonder if EL can top my love for Ghost Stories.
  6. Such a lovely song but I think it might work better in the context of the album So far not disappointed at all
  7. That press conference just made my day better I love them so much
  8. I loved Ghost Stories but I haven't felt so happy listening to a new Coldplay song since ETIAW was released!!!
  9. Can't find the songs anywhere. I guess that's good, I can wait for the official release!
  10. I'm going to be very disappointed if any of those songs turns out to be just an instrumental like Kaleidoscope and Colour Spectrum :joy: I love the album title, I love the name tracks and I have mixed feelings about the artwork. Nevertheless I'm excited!!!
  11. I can't believe how much I needed them in my life again. This is fantastic news!!!!
  12. It's good to be back and see all the excitement for a new Coldplay album! To me it already looks way more promising than AHFOD.
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