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  1. To remain fair to other participants who haven't got a review yet, we must have a deadline for their respective absentees at this point.
  2. Me too! I find it fascinating. Just as I send off a mixtape, I create a new folder and label it as 'Mixtape In Process' and keep adding new/different stuffs in it as I find them eventually.
  3. Hi, I am your mixtaper. First of all, I would thank Black Rose for assigning me you as a partner and from your first post I completely knew that I could not have a better partner because the bands you like gave me an idea what could mean ‘attractive’ to you, at the same time what made me happy was that you looked curious about listening to some of the old stuffs. I decided to put a mixtape that gathers all the different instruments, voices and more importantly the feelings that makes you cry, dance, smile and feeling all sad and speechless. I am VERY VERY happy to know that my mixtape could do what it was intended to do. :) Thank you for such a wonderful review, god certainly blessed you with kind ears. Last but not the least, Mission accomplished!! I am happy to compile a mixtape which has got everything I thought and a compatible partner to see what it was meant to do so I’m quite happy about it. :dance: Tracklisting: "A Twisted View" http://www.mediafire.com/?2udbkhxkk4ij3ki TITLE # TRACK ARTIST ALBUM Track 01. So Much To Say by Lisa Mitchell (Bless This Mess) Track 02. The Things You Said by Depeche Mode (Music For The Masses) Track 03. Diamonds In The Rough by Lisa Mitchell (Bless This Mess) Track 04. My Body Is A Cage by Arcade Fire (Neon Bible) Track 05. Love Is A Laserquest by Arctic Monkeys (Suck It And See) Track 06. Coffee&TV by Blur (13) Track 07. Sit Still by Christopher Stopa Track 08. After All by David Bowie (The man who sold the world) Track 09. Walking In My Shoes by Depeche Mode (Songs Of Faith And Devotion) Track 10. Anything by Fran Healy (Wreckorder) Track 11. Doncamatic by Gorillaz (Plastic Beach) Track 12. Breakfast Of Fools by Hudson Hank Track 13. New Shoes by Paolo Nutini (These Streets) Track 14. Glory by Radical Face (Ghost) Track 15. Let The River In by Radical Face (Ghost) Track 16. How You Like Me Now by The Heavy (The House That Dirt Built)
  4. What amazed me was the mixtape file size which is just over 80 MB; I assumed it to be around ~60-65 minutes, 13-15 songs, but wait this is just over ~55 mins and there are 18 tracks. :surprised: Most of the tracks are under 3 minutes, I get the feeling “this is gonna be exciting”. It grabbed my attention and made me pretty curious immediately. Here’s my review from the beginning: Track 1. So this mixtape starts with a nice, plain layer of piano, a typical intro and I get the feeling that the mixtape is gonna flow pretty nicely from here. A clean and a pretty soft piano instrumental, would love to add it on my morning playlist. Track 2. Wow, it ensured me that it’s going to be a ‘standalone’ song on the mixtape. It reminded me of my early teenage “Wiz Khalifa” sort of ‘Arabian’ rap obsession lol A fast rap throughout the song, Male voice; rap; expressive. I loved when the flute sounds come into play @1:10 onwards going sort of Polyphonic from here. I like this one for a fast tempo and mixes more than its lyrics. Track 3: This is ‘Kanye West’ but wait! I never heard this track before. I start to love it at first listen.. as I heard ‘Streetlights’, I googled the lyrics and yes I was right, it is Streetlights by Kanye.. used to be a fan of him. Totally love it. :heart: Almost reminded me of “Heartless” one of my favorites by him. Track4: It starts off with an acoustic guitar solo, reminds me of Radiohead for a moment. with a simple echoic (but slightly ambient) male voice, almost sounds like a backing vocal which dominates from 1:50 onwards. Repeated guitar chords making it a sober acoustic melody. “Innocent” won’t be a wrong word. Track 5: “A RIPPER” This almost made me to dance, ‘Kicks’ off with strong guitars, wow totally different from what I used to listen. A male voice which competes well throughout with an atmosphere created initially . I couldn’t resist some headbanging as he started singing. lol Then those ‘Na Na Na’ voices coming off and the song goes even more awesome from here. Groovy and pulsating. Track 6: Wow, starts off straight with a male voice with an exciting texture of Guitar, reminds me of The Edge playing in U2’s song “Discotheque” but less syncopated and consistent. Great male voice with those “ooh ooh” from 1:10 onwards. A typical arpeggio following around 2:00. I like it. Btw you forgot to delete the song info on this one haha but I told ya before that I’m absolutely cool with it :thumbsup: “Buddy Holly” by Weezer. Track 7: THIS IS THE CUTEST. At least at this point I don’t think that another song will feel the same on this mixtape. Starts with an awesome bassline that gives a creepy feeling in a good way. It makes me feel that it’s more like those attractively entertaining tunes, a very cute male voice singing in a sort of 'daily life' fashion and the bass follows throughout then 1:07 onwards, I got chills just from the cuteness of his voice. WOW 1:40 was the best thing in the song haha Modern lyrics :3 and from 2:09 onwards, it goes in a different zone and makes me want to dance a bit. “An unchained melody”. :heart: Oh you forgot to delete the info on this one too. ‘Gronlandic Edit by Of Montreal’ Track 8: Starts off with “ah ah’s” and some acoustic guitar chords then the background layer comes in; sounds like a bit of Tabla if I’m not wrong or may be a Bongo or something giving a delicious touch to the song followed by some nice ‘collective’ singing and great track! those “Meows Meows.. Kitties” part was pretty cool. Loved it. Yes it’s “Leaf House by Animal Collective” it was in the song info haha Track 9: Here comes my FIRST CRUSH off the mixtape. Starts off with a Depeche Mode 80s style eletronica synth and then those “Aaah Aah” absolutely reminds me of Bat For Lashes, the voice are much softer as compared to Natasha’s though but flows pretty nicely from the beginning till the end, Since I love both DM and Bat For Lashes, I’d call it an amusing mixture of them. Love this one. Track 10: It proved me wrong while I was thinking that there couldn’t be a cuter song on this mixtape. This one is definitely THE CUTEST haha Starts off with a heart mellowing , simple acoustic guitar chords. A pretty young voice of a girl, Excited to know how old though haha pretty cute when singing “Funny little Thing” I clearly love this song more for her voice. Oh btw the song is called “Bridges and Balloons by Joanna Newsom” :heart: same reasons how I knew a few earlier titles :P Track 11: I love the bass and theme of this track, change of textures in the mid and the singing was beautiful and love such tracks which takes you in their own shimmering zone.:heart: It is called “Chinatown by Wild Nothing”. Track 12: On this one, I could hardly figure out the lyrics because I don’t know either the vocals were a bit low or the quality of the song file. Although the tune reminded me of the 80s perhaps? for a while, Shady atmospherics and gives you a dynamic feeling. Drums are dominating throughout the track which I really love and it’s a beautiful track indeed. Track 13: This one reminds me of those echoes I heard in Radical Face’s album and that is why I love them. “I am going to like this immediately” Quite fairy, melancholic and ambient. I love how the piano bits dissolve with the voice and create an enchanting atmosphere. :3 Track 14: WOWOW! This song sort of took me to the bottom of an ocean. Lyrics talking about Octopus, tentacles, etc. which get along well with some “Robotic sounds” love, love it. I love how it describes a girl relationship with these things. This one sets the tone of the whole mixtape for me. It is called “Mermaid Sashimi by Juan Son” Track15: Another “Animal Collective” track eh? But I think I liked the one I heard before but it might well be a grower for me. I like their style though. It’s called “Grass By Animal Collective” Track 16: Starts off with a nice, smooth and a beautiful guitar riif and I know I am going to like this one. Sounds like a typical 80s track? it’s totally my thing. The lyrics are plain and simple. This will go on my new playlist straightaway. Quite like this one. Track 17: I love those chiming guitars as it starts with a female voice and the song goes on a bit softer from here and elevates with more bass and textures around 2:00 onwards. I’d especially mention of those sweet backing vocals here singing “Lovvvvvvveeeely” GREAT SONG! :heart: Track 18: I didn’t realize the mixtape was going to end with this but this is a nice song and a good ‘finisher’ which I added intentionally on my own mixtape as well just to give the same feeling. Anyway, it starts off with male voices and other voices in the background making it all ambient, at the same time you just feel something ‘chaotic’ is going on in background voices ,feels perfect! My favorite tracks are: #1, #3, #5, #7, #9, #10, #11, #14, #16, #17 ; Overall a success. I would give this mixtape 9.4/10, except one song, It amazed me throughout and gives me an enormous satisfaction which you always expect before taking part. My partner did a great job! More than anything, I appreciate the time my mixtaper took out to compile this and each song gave me a feeling “Wait, I have never ever heard this before”, pretty enjoyable and a solid entertainment and I feel happy to do my first CPing mixtape exchange. Probably my first thread thingy on CPing otherwise I don’t come over here except when the band is on tour.
  5. If the intended person doesn't acquire and you wish to participate, you can 'always' make me one. I'll review it and I'll make one for you as well. :wacko:
  6. Hi my 'awesome' partner, I'll review it sometime around Monday next week as I have been studying for an important exam. Totally diggin' the songs though :3
  7. alrighty, I have been too careful with the guidelines so may be next time it will be longer as it's just an 'average' length. I will remember adding a pinch of some African music from the next time. :P
  8. I won't be revealing the exact duration of my mixtape since I have already given a clue about the file size but yeah it might just be over 70 mins. Freaking rules. I am okay as long as I don't get my partner pissed off at my mixtape. However, my partner looks pretty compatible for my mixtape. :lol:
  9. I understand the feeling guy, that was my face when I had to delete a couple of tracks from mine just to get it under 70 mins. No big deal though.
  10. Finally today is the day when I'll get my mixtape :dance: well hopefully! Also some people mentioned about uploading on sendspace. That site never worked for me and it doesn't work in some asian countries so I'm afraid I won't be able to download via sendspace. Not sure If I'm the only one having issues with that site. Try to upload stuffs on reliable websites like mediafire, rapidshare, depositfiles etc. As someone posted it earlier, it'd be helpful. http://coldplaying.com/forum/showpost.php?p=4883890&postcount=1 Can't you just delete a couple of tracks to get it <200 MB ? That shouldn't be a big deal. Tbh for slow internet users like me, it can sometimes be frustrating to download a big file via direct downloads due to frequent internet timeouts. that's why mine is just over 100 MB
  11. As you said 'Twitter'. I went on to your page and I just love the lyric from Radiohead's 'Down is the new up'. :P Cool to see that once I started talking about Radiohead with you. Love that song. Coming back to Muse lol Yes being a serious muser, it was much awaited surprise. Love almost all the tracks except 'liquid state' that has slowly started to grow on me. wow, Muse live? Guess what I sent them to Vancouver for you lol :P Thanks I am much better. looking forward to getting a job, exams and stuffs. Have you finished your course? I mostly despise forums because it consumes a huge amount of time explaining people about certain things from your point of view, then you see a bunch of untalented strangers passing on a quick judgement on you without even knowing you much which looks pretty destructive and doesn't look interesting to me lol Btw, hey I am on Twitter often these days, mine is @coldplayismyluv what's yours? and hey I will stalk you back okay? lol have fun and take care. x

  12. You might have sort of been involved with mixtapes before I don't know, It's my first time with this. Since you have simply no idea what your partner would like and I don't know if she/he is a mixed bag like me. Apart from all this, looking at whatever people have suggested so far what you can do the best (and the least) is to make something which you think they might not have heard before.. putting different genres and songs that sound different (to you), have sort of ability to crave different moods (as you mentioned yourself) from the oldest to new stuffs. It makes me feel comfortable that most of the people on here look appreciative with "Put whatever you want". So just relax and put some songs that YOU like, you are gonna be okay. :nod:
  13. Oh, well I hope you're feeling better! And yeah, I like Muse! I haven't gotten too into The 2nd Law yet, but I like a few songs so far. I'm hoping to go see them live though, when they come here in february! But I'm still trying to figure out money and who to go with.. And why do you despise forums? Haha but I feel the same about facebook sometimes. I think I like twitter more :P

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