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  1. The 2nd Law is the new Absolution, i remember most musers really hated it when it came out but it has ultimately become the most liked now
  2. i LOVE "save me" and Chris sounds perfect. Chris singing is more approachable and wonderful, to me Matt's singing is too perfect and expressionless i have no idea if i make sense but i like Chris's singing edit: and i love isolated system as the closer, its the calm after the storm in my opinion the album progression is perfect it starts with the feeling of being suppressed and basically shouting out about the unfairness of it (supremacy) and the comes the human instinct of avoiding situations by being in love (madness) and the realising its still horrible outside the bubble they'
  3. so I'm in LOVE with supremacy after listening to it a few more times
  4. i'm unsure about the album, heard the first three songs and didn't really like any of them supremacy sounds like something from phantom of the opera :cry:
  5. i love coldplay but chris martin annoys me so i agree
  6. i kind of am in love with the new song, it reminds me of listening to B&R for the first time and hating everything about it but some of my favourite songs are from that album:shrug: i hate the prelude though and unlike everyone else i hear more Abba than queen in the song
  7. ... waiting for the new song is harder then i thought
  8. ^for a while there i thought i was the only one here who liked it i hated Eurasia when it came out but now i like it so lets just wait for the album. it's muse not coldplay
  9. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ugOIsowux8&feature=related]Muse - The 2nd Law Album Trailer (Short Version, No Dubstep)[/ame] happy now :uhoh:
  10. yes it is :P hi Kelly, Micheal and everyone i don't know :hug: is it just that likes the guitar effects at the end of the trailer and this is dubstep [ame= ] [/ame]
  11. to me it sounds like supermassive blackhole and MOP, its Matt experimenting with his guitar BTW i love the new music and have been listening to it non stop
  12. so dom likes katy perry something else we both like and he is following her :uhoh:
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