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  1. These are spectacular! and I don't especially enjoy the tied up one. Just saying' (Hope I did this right. Haven't posted in forever, but this video is inspiring.)
  2. This is the first time Coldplay has released a song that I was disappointed in. I love Chris's lyrics and don't agree with people who say it's not his strength. But this one is far too simple for me and the music didn't makeup for it. But, I'm glad so many of you like it. I was hoping it was just me.
  3. OK. I never post, but I have to say, why is this picture strange? Because almost everyone is sticking out their tongue and Chris ISN'T! (And because I haven't posted I totally forgot how to do it. I'm referring to the above photo.)
  4. This is just so sweet; both you and Chris. Thanks for sharing it.
  5. Happy Birthday, Miss Row! Hope you have many Chris adventures this year!
  6. I see Sean Lennon in the background...
  7. Pretencious: Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed. None of this applies. Not only was it a great performance, he was the only performer who said he was honored to be there and offered up thanks for that.
  8. Speaking of interviews; this is one of my favorites. I often think the questions asked at these things are lame. But, even the down to earth one here has some depth to it. Also Chris is agitated or distracted or tired and therefore seems more...I love when he get's fascinated by something on john's hat about 3/4 through. youtube.com/watch?v=HhhxDmPZ0dc#
  9. Saw this interview I hadn't seen and it was PDQ (pretty damn Qute) I can be inept at posting correctly. Hope the link works...
  10. My son studies facial expressions and body language as part of his Psych degree. I showed him these pictures and he said, "Jeez, he's seriously worried about something." So...just a little info on the side.
  11. I went and searched there but they only linked to the video site where the video has been removed. I wonder what made Ellen uncomfortable about the sight of her climbing all over a man. I'm just sorry I can't see it again. OK, back to your regular programing and thanks for all of the photos you all share.
  12. Hello gals. I just noticed something. All of the videos of Ellen Degeneres crawling around on Chris have been marked private and have been removed. any Ideas where I could still download it?
  13. You're a very good girl, Row. I'm sure he appreciated your not getting in his face while he was being dad. Your day will come. I thought he was in California! COngratulations on your close encounter.
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