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  1. I wanna see this so badly! It looks and sounds so amazing!
  2. I'm looking forward to this! I knew this was gonna happen and Jamie is such a wonderful guy to return the support and love his fans give him by doing this. Really cool that it worked out to coincide with the big 4-3 too! :D
  3. AAAAAAAA!!!!!!! I hope so!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D This sounds like a positive sign from Gorillaz at least!!!!!
  4. Seriously-that whole thing was a clusterfuck, NOTHING to do with Jamie nor Alan there. I will say Lori Petty made a CUTE Tank Girl though. LOL!!!! Its actually a bit old! Aside from what we all know and have seen in Bananaz (and his 'I <3 MY PENIS' sign and his mentioning of that cartoon frog-forget his name-'s penis being pixalated on Jonathan Ross), THIS gem popped up on tumblr today: :laugh3::laugh3::laugh3::laugh3::laugh3::laugh3: Seriously when I read that my brain automatically went to that part in Superbad!
  5. YAY its showing up now! :-D LOL!!!! Honestly though, I can't bring myself to follow D on his FS, but there are a couple legit questions that I am curious on: #1, is Jamie aware that Miley Cyrus wants to play Tank Girl in a remake to shed her HM image (YES this is true! HAHA!!) and what he thinks of that, and #2, If Jamie has ever seen Superbad-the reason I ask is because of a certain thing "Seth" does as a kid in it (the drawings show up in the end credits as well)-a quote from Alan Martin showed up on tumlbr today, revealing Jamie did this same thing in school too. :laugh3::laugh3::laugh3:
  6. The pic isn't showing up for me. :cry: You know I keep forgetting that D has Formspring! I wonder what Jamie's up to if he's not working on Gorillaz right now. Hopefully he'll work on something for it having to do with The Evangelist when he can. In all seriousness though, Jamie has definitely earned some downtime from Gorillaz. A lot of people out there still don't realize how he busts his ass designing everything for it. They both do-its just that because Damon is the face because he's performing it, thats all those peeps know. I think all of us here are appreciative of the whole thi
  7. LOL!!! Right????? I kinda wanna hear his views on American Idol-of course I KNOW what they would be, it would just be kind of interesting to hear (especially now with Steven Tyler and JHo on it) :laugh3::laugh3::laugh3:
  8. OMG I KNEW I RECOGNIZED THAT AD!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! *coughomgimoldcough*
  9. My God these are killin me!!!!:laugh3::laugh3::laugh3::laugh3::laugh3: That is just BEAUTIFUL.
  10. Oh thank God!!!!!!! :hug: :heart: I am praying for you guys!!!! And Jamion!!!!! :heart:
  11. Are you for serious? Oh my dear Lord. I just HOPE these guys were like 14 or something younger! LOL!!!!! In all honestly I really would love to ask Jamie if he'd ever thought about doing an animated film, you know, not Gorillaz or anything. I think watching the Golden Globe animated film category last night got me thinking about that. HIGH FIVE MY SISTER!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D
  12. :laugh3: You're fine BB! Thats the thing I don't get really is the 2D fangirls-I love the animation and stuff and the idea, just when people get into it on THAT level is a bit......ooooooookkkkkkkaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy! :laugh3:
  13. Awww nooooo!!!!!!! *HUGS* How are you guys doing out there BTW BB? I hope and pray things are getting better!!!!!! :heart:
  14. LOL!!! THX! That would be great to see that! I still need to get RotO if I can!
  15. OH YEAH!!!!! DUH- Don't mind me I'm typing out of my ass again lemme fix that......
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