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  1. the beginning of st stephen sounds like high and dry..
  2. just re-read the post on coldplay.com, and it says that the new e.p. will contain 8 new songs and not five..the tracklisting reads like this: 1) Life In Technicolor ii 2) Postcard From Far Away 3) Glass of Water 4) Rainy Day 5) Prospekt's March/Poppyfields 6) Lost + 7) Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun Mix) 8) Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground also says you can download the e.p, or get a new version of the viva album plus the e.p. songs on one album.
  3. it's very exciting...can't wait for both toronto shows!
  4. im sure it will work shortly as itunes is probably fucking up...but to give you the down low, it stars with jumpy piano and lots of violin, and the lyrics "fear in my enemies eyes, listen as the crowd would sing.."...if i had to judge based on 30 second clips, i like violet hill much more
  5. i haven't either, but then again, why the hell listen to the radio when you can blast it in your car? :)
  6. i clicked on the u.s. store, and it doesn't let me buy it, but i can hear the 30 second clip...it's very different and not what you'd expect..
  7. it wasn't a month and a half before..it was exactly one week before the release date
  8. well thats exciting! loads of new stuff will be played which should be greatt
  9. i saw that too! it was pretty nicee
  10. they are playing such ridiculous things now
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