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  1. Hey! You only have until this Sunday, September 9, to submit your Charlie Brown video!!! Please make one and send it ASAP! Instructions are still on the first page (http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=94494), and it won't even take 10 min.!!! Thanks and Happy Coldplaying! :D

  2. HEY! I noticed that you signed up for the "Coldplay Song Cover/Lipsynch" project http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=94494 and you haven't sent your video in yet! Please do so by following the instructions on the first page! Thanks! and Happy Coldplaying! :D

  3. The results are in!!! Check out the "Coldplay Song Parody/Cover/Lipsynch..." thread to see what song won! And then follow the instructions to participate!!! So far so great! :D -phantoneku

  4. My review of tonight!!! Enjoy! :D Electronic bits and moody drones filled the United Center in Chicago as fans filed to their seats. Wristbands were tightened, and eyes were peeled to the graffiti-lit stage. The excitement in the air was tangible-- yes, indeed this was going to be a very special night. Suddenly, the lights dropped, and as the theme music from Back to the Future swelled, Coldplay (Jonny, Guy, Chris, and Will) strolled onstage donning paint splattered outfits, grabbing at guitars and drumsticks, welcomed by 20,000 twinkling xylobands, and the same amount of screaming fans.
  5. ^ Haha, yeah that was awesome!!! He promised next year, and I'm gonna hold him to that! I LOVE Amsterdam! :D
  6. I'll have to write a review tonight after the show if I'm not too tired. Ahhhhhh I'm so excited! Wristband on, here early, don't care! Bring on the Coldplay! I'm ready to glow in the dark!!!!!! :D
  7. BUT I've heard that some people access it through something called tapatalk, and apparently that works really well.
  8. Kind of. I've got an iPhone, and it can be kind of slow, and hard to hit buttons sometimes. But other than that, it works! It would be awesome to have some sort of mobile site or mobile app or something, though. :D EDIT: Even though that's probably not possible at the moment, especially with the recent attempt to overhaul the main site and wikicoldplay...
  9. YES WE SHOULD!!! Is there a spot inside of the venue where we could all gather? Or maybe even after the show we could try and get autographs or something. I'd just love to meet you guys! :D Oh and I was near Gate 1 I think when it happened! :)
  10. Aww, that's really sad....if I had an extra ticket I'd give it to them in a heartbeat.
  11. HOLY NAPPIES!!!! YOU GUYS!!! I just went down to the United Center (early, because I'm a creep). I was the ONLY fan there, and when I arrived, I saw all of the tour buses and black SUV's and stuff, so I hung out around Gate 1, not wanting to get too close, and Chris Martin literally RAN PAST ME! I guess he was jogging maybe? I dunno. But, anyway, when he came back around, I waved at him, and he came up, said hi, and HUGGED ME mid run! Then he ran back off to wherever he was going, haha. I left and went back to my hotel after that, but I'm sure the whole band is still there sound checking! Do y
  12. Ideally, they should be staying here in Chicago overnight, because they have another show here tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe if we hang around after the show (and they don't jet out to their hotels immediately after they leave the stage) we'll get to meet them! (Although I don't know if they'd be happy about being ambushed by fans while trying to go home, haha.)
  13. Any chance we could try to meet the band/get autographs at some point? No, that's probably too far fetched. Forget I said it! :curtain: I'm still excited, though! :D What time are you guys planning on arriving at the UC tomorrow?
  14. ^ If I see you around, I will most certainly say hi! :D EDIT: You met Chris!!!! THAT'S AWESOME!!!!
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