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  1. I can't find a MP9000 in my country. Can anyone help me with the Kontakt and EX Pro? Also, ColdplayKB, are you the same one from YouTube? FUCKING DO A EVERYTHING'S NOT LOST TUTORIAL!
  2. I'm also going alone, and I'm FOS Left, I'm afraid of losing my spot in line if I have to pee, in case of going too soon to the concert.
  3. Does anyone know what drum throne Chris Martin uses on his piano? I'm 100kg and I bought a drum throne to play piano, but it isn't good enough for my weight. It seems Chris's one is good enough.
  4. I can get the Kawai files, can anyone get me the configs to get the piano sound?
  5. Hey guys, I'm buying tickets for anywhere in Germany (Berlin preferred) or the UK for all dates, except June 2nd. If you have 1 or 2 tickets, I'd like to buy. I want to go to one or two concerts in 2016.
  6. Really? That gives me hope for a show in Portugal. Thought the European tour was closed. But since they mentioned that they wanted to do a big tour, this doesn't really seem like a big tour.
  7. Thanks! My girlfriend also showed me ebay, where tickets are being sold for the double of what they were bought for. Jesus Christ. Tickets being sold for 500€+.
  8. There are only VIP tickets for Germany and the UK now, that are no where near the stage. Am I really this late for concerts that are 6-7 months away?
  9. Can I use the Fix You VST on a Yamaha CLP-545 and have the sound coming out of the piano? I want to buy a piano, a digital one, so I can plug it onto the computer and change the sounds, and play while I search for tutorials, but I also want to change the sounds of the piano to the Fix You Organ and the Clocks Piano, etc. Does the Yamaha CLP-545 allow this?
  10. Thanks. I mean the Yamaha CLP-545 isn't that heavy. It's 61,5Kg, not that much if I ever need to move. Don't really like the look of those stage pianos. Yeah, I want to have the same sound as Chris Martin has on his piano, and I also want the sound to come out of the piano, so thanks for letting me know that.
  11. I am looking to buy a piano. I read somewhere around here about the Yamaha Clavinovas, but there are so many that I don't know which one to choose. I have 1500€-2000€ for a piano. I want it to be light, so it's easier to move. It should have USB/MIDI, so I can connect it to the computer so I can have different sounds. It should look nice. Can anybody help? Thanks.
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