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  1. ^I'm not updated, what are the rumors for the moment? I thought they would not do any Ghost Stories Tour / extra concerts. So are these rumors about LP7 or are they changing their mind and will there be a GS tour anyway? :)
  2. Ooooh me soooo jealous! Have so much fun over there! Gonna make a London Citytrip of it? :)
  3. Ooooh nooo:bigcry: I didn't made it to the Cologne concert which was already depressing but back then I comforted myself with the thought that I would see them soon enough... I hope it too that LP7 arrives soon, but soon is like "in 2 months" for me, so I guess that won't happen :P Yeah indeed that was what I meant, thank you :) btw, did you made it to a Ghost Stories show? :)
  4. Is it true that there won't be a Ghost Stories tour? :'(
  5. Exactly what I was thinking! Without a tour anouncement, just one show. Between 2 of the 6 initimate shows. Let's hope a lot of shows will follow! :D Usually if there is a show anounced, it takes place months after the anouncement, now just one :) That's pretty cool! :D Enjoooy everyone who is going! :D
  6. Don't know that.. Didn't update recently though.. Can that be the problem? :)
  7. Woops indeed spelled it wrong, wasn't the problem though because Itunes showed me the album and I could see all the tracks but could only listen to those that are already released.. :( Thank you very much for the link! :D
  8. Hoe was Keulen? :) Weet er hier iemand hoe je Ghost Stories kan luisteren? De link op coldplay.com lijkt niet te werken bij mij.. edit: Heb een link gekregen naar het filmpje dus het luisteren kan beginnen :D
  9. This is so frustrating! Every time I click the link, I come on a general page in the Itunes store with every coldplay album except Gost Stories and when I search for Gost Stories myself I can only listen to Magic, Midnight, A sky full of stars.. Can someone help me out?
  10. Wow I'm totaly not updated! Where can we listen Gost Stories already? :) (is it Itunes? That's not working for me.. Don't know what I'm doing wrong :( )
  11. Was this only one day possible? Because it isn't working :) Really excited to listen it for the first time! :)
  12. Beautifull pics! :D I'm really jealous! it's sad I coudn't get there :) @danceteacher , do I spot there a plectrum? :)
  13. Does anyone know whether there will be sitting places or standing only? :)
  14. But isn't the money going to charity? Indeed beautifull painting!:)
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