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  1. You're gonna have a fun time regardless, try not to worry too much about it. What can you do? They might be a bit far away but I'm sure you'll still be able to hear them ;)
  2. Hi Brooke, what's up? I wasn't really serious, the forum is fine the way it is and it's nice it still exists in the first place. The home page is a bit messy but it is what it is.
  3. Perhaps it's not as popular because they ended up picking the same songs, like you said. At least at first they played some other ones too. It seemed like a missed opportunity to give each show some extra character, involve the audience and reward returning concert goers. The shows are still great, but still. Also I didn't understand why they promoted the Hypnotised app (even at the show itself it said to open the app when they play the song) and then not play Hypnotised. I WANT MY MONEY BACK.
  4. Can it look like how it did ten years ago? I'm feeling rather nostalgic.
  5. You rip them from the hands of unsuspecting fangirls. No but seriously, it can be tough at a big show like this. You'll need some luck and often a friendly roadie or security person. Just ask them and remain polite. Obviously it helps to be front row, which is more challenging than ever with the early entry nonsense.
  6. Does anyone know why they don't do the request songs anymore, even though they still promoted them for this leg? Did they get sick of browsing through all the awkward videos of people wanting to hear songs because it reminded them of their dead pet? Did they get tired of people requesting Clocks and Yellow? Are they too lazy to remember songs they haven't played for a few years? Discuss!!!!
  7. Listen to Wednesday's Paris show live 27 May 2014 8:19 pm Hear the Casino de Paris show online worldwide Good evening. We're pleased to report that you can hear tomorrow night's show in Paris live online, wherever in the world you are, via NRJ's website. Click here to hear it from 8.30pm French time (7.30pm UK, 2.30pm ET, 11.30am PT). Anchorman
  8. Listen to Saturday's Big Weekend show 23 May 2014 8:57 pm Live audio stream available worldwide Tomorrow night, Coldplay will headline BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend in Glasgow, Scotland. You can listen live online - wherever you are in the world - at cldp.ly/R1listen. Click here to find out what time it's on where you are. In the UK, the show will be broadcast across BBC Radio 1, BBC Three TV, on the Big Weekend website and via the red button from BBC Digital TV channels. And there's an Event Page on the band's Facebook, if you want to chat with other fans who are listening from
  9. Watch A Sky Full Of Stars on The Voice 21 May 2014 11:32 pm Check out last night's perfomance of the band's new single Good evening. Last night, the band performed their new single, A Sky Full Of Stars, on the finale of The Voice in the US. You can see the performance below. [video=youtube;bIHDRVXPOFk]https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=bIHDRVXPOFk Anchorman
  10. 1. A Rush of Blood to the Head 2. Mylo Xyloto 3. Viva la Vida 4. Parachutes 5. Ghost Stories 6. X&Y
  11. I don't think your arguments make a lot of sense (not saying that I think you should dislike the album or anything!): 1 - I'm not sure what "people" you're referring to. Most "hate" would come from negative reviews which obviously wouldn't be posted before the album came out. We only heard a couple songs before the album came out and I think plenty of people were critical towards them. Also, I just don't get the point of your argument. Why does it matter when people give their opinion? 2 - Why can songs about being heart-broken not be more loud and fast? Also, why does that mean people c
  12. The review is overly negative for my taste, but I do think they have valid points and it is consistent with their other reviews. I agree that Coldplay is at their best when they are doing anthems and that the lyrics are even more cringeworthy than usual. That why I hope this is just a little sidestep for them and they'll return to what they are best at with their next album.
  13. Ofcourse MX is their worst album, if you started liking Coldplay during that era you clearly SUCK!!!! Look at me being a REAL FAN! I WAS 6 WHEN I STARTED LISTENING TO THEM I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT OKAY!!!! The Safety EP is clearly their best release. ALSO TWILIGHT SUCKS I WRITE MY OWN SONGS
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