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  1. If anyone has a pre-sale code that they won't be using, I'd appreciate if you'd share it with me. I want to get tickets for my mom as a gift
  2. This song sounds like some Lorde stuff.
  3. This effin thread :laugh4:
  4. I'll forbear from voting here since I find that both are equally perfect in different ways.
  5. I still want the song at 0:05 [video=youtube_share;zkwdmK80RYs]
  6. Are we already starting the LP7 madness? Cos' I don't wanna miss it this time
  7. Now, this is what I like from Coldplay :pleased:; not corny videos of fat lovers.
  8. I prefer anything than true love to be honest
  9. This song is UNDERRATED and should totally be a single. Another's Arms, as simple as y'all may think it is, the only simple element it actually has is its lyrics, even though they try to address love with a much more original theme than the rest of the album, which is restlessness, as opposed to just plain lyrics about love (Not saying the others are bad, I'm just saying that Another's Arms stands out for its theme). Now, the music itself. It has that badass ghost lady voice, plus some serious piano and bass lines as well as Chris using almost all of his voice range throught the song. I
  10. I was expecting an acoustic version like they played it in the videoshoot, the original version from that old Instagram video, some more new songs and stuff, but this is still good.
  11. Not gonna hate or anything, I very much respect his opinion. Doesn't mean I agree with the idea of the band going back to playing Parachutes and The Blue Room and the Safety EP for all their lives instead of evolving their sound and giving us different things though. They are doing pretty good, at least better than MX era. Only thing I actually dislike about this album is the lack of tour. Imo, Ghost Stories worldwide tour, and boom it's up there with AROBTTH as long as they leave paradise out.
  12. I actually really like the video. I didn't see anything wrong with it, and then y'all pointed out the lack of production of it. I'm just going to say that I love this video because it is not like the rest of all the music videos. In other music videos, the musicians are viewed as actors and if they fuck up they have to start all over again and the fun is eventually gone. Here, it looks like the band were really enjoying what they were doing. They had a crowd who was following them and singing along, and they were all enjoying a sweet acoustic version of the song. I like it because it is
  13. Ink, yes, but TL please no, i wouldn't wanna hear it on the radio every goddamn day, it's too slow for a single imo. If there really must be another single after Ink, AA is way better imo
  14. Single serve huh, so they'd fit like at least four nutella jars right?
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