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  1. Thanks again! Oh, and I hope I won't get to have such sweet memories ;).
  2. We'll be staying in Brussels (woke up too late to find anything in Leuven), so we're going to have to get back every night. 5 hours?! :stunned: Also, :D on the lightning effects... I only now noticed you're Belgian yourself, so could I ask you one more thing? I'm trying to understand the bus instructions here http://www.delijn.be/over/evenementen/Vlot_van_en_naar_de_festivalweide_van_Werchter.htm#1 but Google translate only helps a little, could you please explain which line I'm supposed to take and from where (is it right at the station?)
  3. Thanks for all your help, mathieu_c, you're the best! :) We're going for the whole weekend, I guess we'll see how it goes with the car on the first day and take it from there. About the wellies, I thought of bringing some but where would I carry them? (I heard there are lockers, is that true?) Does it usually rain?
  4. Ok, I already have answers for two of my questions, so for anyone who's interested: yes, you can get the food vouchers in the festival site too (in hindsight, duh!) but they cost more; and no, the bus does not run all night, but only till 2-3 am, depending on the day. But that raises another question - if the bus takes us back to Leuven train station around 2:00 am, is there anywhere there to park the car in advance, or will it most likely be full? The thought of wandering around the station area in the middle of the night looking for the car creeps me out...
  5. Hi everyone, hope it's not too off topic but this will be my first festival and I'm pretty clueless so I was hoping for some advice. For instance, do you really need to get the food tickets in advance or can you get them there? Do they let you bring food/water in? Are there wellies available on the site or do you have to bring your own? (I don't have any!) I'm a little nervous, can you tell? ;) Ooh- one more: do you know if the shuttle to Leuven runs all night? Thanks if you've read this far :D
  6. coldplay♪♫♪ - you're overreacting a little bit. Relax :). No arguments from me on any of these points, but trust me - easier said than done. Much, much easier.
  7. The details are debatable, but let's say they did. I'm all for giving them part of it back, but unless you have another homeland for us (you see anybody volunteering to give us some land?), I think we're staying put.
  8. I agree, but to be honest, I very much doubt they have one - in fact, I'll bet they don't even know what the Right to Return is. Not that I blame them - I know practically nothing about the Troubles in Northern Ireland, for example. But that's why I don't make statements about them.
  9. As I explained in my original post (which nobody bothered to read, it seems *sigh*. And I was being all eloquent!), this is one of the campaign aims according to the website. I also explained why a bi national state is a bad idea. The Jewish people need a homeland, as anyone who's had a history lesson in his life should know. The Palestinians should get one too - *alongside* the Jewish one.
  10. Hey Osaka Sun, I hope that wasn't directed at me, because I certainly didn't accuse anyone of anti Semitism. Also, am I to understand that you support both the Right to Return and Israel as the Jewish homeland? Cause those are pretty much contradictory (as I said in the previous post, I'm all for a two state solution, but this is not what the video - and apparently, Coldplay - are backing.)
  11. Hi all, I don't want to get into the overall argument about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as it is an extremely complex issue (as exemplified by the fact that a lot of what posters on *both* sides have said is true). But I would like to explain why Israelis feel that this particular campaign is anti Israel - and I have a feeling Coldplay themselves are not aware of it. If Coldplay had said that they support a two state solution, they would have found themselves in agreement with most Israelis today. However, what most *Palestinians* want - and, according to War on Want's website, that is also one of the aims of this campaign - is the "Right to Return" - the right of all Palestinian refugees to return to their old villages. This means not just the right to return to the future Palestinian state - i.e., Gaza and the West bank - but to the state of Israel. What's the problem with that, you ask? Well, today 20% of Israel's population is Arab, but if we allowed the right to return, the Palestinians would soon outnumber the Jews, and the Jews would again have no country of their own. If this were John Lennon's world of "Imagine", that would still not be a problem; but since this is our world, where only 70 years ago European Jews realized to their horror the problem of having no homeland, that would be a very grave problem indeed. To sum up, I'm sure Coldplay's heart is in the right place and I doubt that they object to the existence of Israel as a Jewish homeland, but they should realize that this is what they are saying by supporting this campaign.
  12. Shini, I see you're from Arras, so thanks for your expert opinion! :)
  13. Hi everybody, first post! *waves* I have a few questions about Main Square Festival, hope it's the right thread to post since it's not directly about the band... We're trying to decide whether to go to Main Square or Werchter, Main Square is cheaper but I have some concerns about the venue - is there an international feel to the festival like in Werchter, or is it more of a French thing? (Nothing against the French ;) But it can make one feel left out, esp. if you don't speak the language) Also, I read in several places that the ground is uncomfortable because it's full of stones, is that true? Finally, is there anything to do on the festival grounds during the day? Thanks!
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