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  1. Hey Federica, I am sorry do hear that one of the moderators didn't respect what you've been posting. I thought it is such a cool idea to go and take a shot with the guys on your birthday. ;-) I wondered how you managed to get a picture with them. Did you know they are there? I'd love to get such a picture as well. Can you give me a hint... Regards, Jürgen BTW: If you move to another community for Coldplay-Fans.. Where would you go? www.thePlessing.com

  2. Hahahah... True! But it should have been a bit too much if, after having already told him to hold the cardboard and to make a funny face, I had told him how to do it! :)
  3. Yes!!! I asked him to hold it and to make a funny face! :) He liked those cardboards! :) These Jonny's pics make me feel happy too... Handsome smile... He's handsome!!! ( Chris too of course! ) :)
  4. Hello everyone! Last year I met Chris, Guy and Phil for my birthday, and as a sort of drug I had the need to do the same this year too! This year I met Chris and Jonny. Everything was so perfet and special! I just wanted to share my happiness here with you!
  5. Federica, it's JD! I just got your Secret Santa in the world, and I love it, thank you so so much. :) The card is beautiful and the candy is delicious! Best wishes and happy holidays! Don't forget to keep glowing. :)

  6. Ok, I started this thread a couple of months ago, and then I decided to go to the Bakery again just to try to meet them... And I did... !!! It was my birthday and I met Phil, Guy and Chris... I gave them some little presents, and spoke with them for a while... I tryed to catch their smell... That day Chris hadn't tiger balm on, I was able to breath his skin smell! Ahahahah... It was good, really good!!! ;)
  7. Some of my FIMO / silicone creations ... A part from the last one, the other are all gifts for Coldplay! <3
  8. :laugh3::laugh3::laugh3: :huskyhug:
  9. Ahahahah... These are the only 4 puppies of my "Astra" ! When I saw them the first time I was really surprised! And planned to take some pictures like this one ! :) Which one you like more? Which is the most Coldplay-alike?
  10. Thank you LoryABjerre, you're so kind!!! :) But the truth is that I'm quite a normal girl... Neither so ugly, nor the most beautiful girl in the world! And, although I'd have grabbed Chris away, I was not there to do it! I'm just a fan, a great fan who loves them all, and I spent my birthday waiting for them , outside with a freezing temperature for hours and hours... Yes, if it was being summer I could have looked different, not like a brown snowman, but belive in me, if I had not that down jacket and that hat on, I would have been dead before meeting Chris ! However, doesn't matter how I
  11. My little puppies (Before MX) ... (I sent this picture to the GUYS!!! Ahahahah ) And Ico... Performing ICO-ldplay in Mestre-Venice this summer ! :) (I took him with me when I met Chris,Guy and Phil too... You can see him into my bag!!!) ... You wouldn't think I LOVE Coldplay ... :charlie2:
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