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  1. YES. I forgot that one. Happened to me like 10 times today. Its like "Hello, do you not see my big shiny green car coming at you full speed?!"
  2. Good point, Bright. I agree. One thing thats odd that pisses me off - when I meet a boy, and he cant keep his hands off of me for a SECOND. Im not talking about the good hands on kind of stuff, thats nice. :) But when we're walking, and he's constantly grabbing at me or staring at me...ugh. The staring thing is especially bad too, because its like "what, is there a booger in my nose?!" See, I said it was odd. Boys boys boys.
  3. Beer, Manhattans, or just some Jack on the rocks.
  4. Yes, and yes we are. ;) Work annoys and stresses me out beyond belief.
  5. The saddest thing was reading Jim Morrison's death certificate (or so I believe, might have been a release of some sort) at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. :(
  6. Good pictures and work everyone!! I got bored, and I got a new toy this week, so I decided to cure the boredom with some photography: My Mandolin: And my favorite perfume ever: Uneven crops on some, I know. Oh well. :)
  7. Something about that just seems very cozy. And that cat picture is freakin hilarious (the first one).
  8. I finally got a macro lens for Christmas so I had a little fun. :) A candle. More of the candles. Detail in my lamp shade. Cookie Dough. Cookies. I want cookies now. :lol:
  9. Wow that is absolutely amazing! Good job!
  10. Yes I know. I cannot wait. I am experiencing scrubs withdrawal! :lol:
  11. There has to be a way to prosecute these people. :huh:
  12. Scrubs and Grey's Anatomy. Haha what is with me and medical shows?
  13. It does kind of look like a snowflake! :lol: I like those skins! I havent really screwed around with that maker yet. It looks like fun though.
  14. Oh my goodness coldplay_steph, charlie2.jpg is soooo cute! Good job! Alyssa I added you to my friends on last.fm. :) And here is my post for today: Snow outside on our air conditioner. :lol: Im going to be working on an abstract jazz-type painting, so when I am finished I will post it as well.
  15. Im spoiled by 2.25 hour DMB shows, and I go to a lot of jam band concerts that play for just as long. Ive been to about 36 DMB shows, so anything is short compared to them! But damn the music is good, and that's what its all about! :D
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