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  1. Two tickets for the first show! :D Not the best places though... (section 419 row 25)
  2. I made this compilation. I've no more vids left because I wanted to enjoy the concert and jump, sing etc. :laugh3: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_DyHaoq6s0]Coldplay Compilation - Ahoy, Rotterdam - December 17th - YouTube[/ame] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuiPavx9Jrc]LIVE IN AHOY!! Coldplay. Back to the future + Mylo Xyloto + Hurts like Heaven. - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Ja in Nijmegen 2009 en op pinkpop heb ik ze gezien. Dit was zeker de beste, ik weet niet of ze dit nog ooit kunnen overtreffen. Maar het feit, dat ze ondanks dat ze zoooon enorm bekende band zijn nog steeds zo'n goede muziek maken doet het voor mij helemaal. Ik durf ook meteen toe te geven, dat ik gisteren toch wel even heb gehuild: ze maken écht iets los bij mij... Ik denk dat ik 6 september oversla, zodat ze mij weer kunnen verassen bij een volgend concert.... @TehM1ZZL3: So were you sitting next to me or not XD?
  4. I know what you mean, it sounds so logical and I hope it's true... :\
  5. So now we have to wait for the media that will reveal this case to the whole world... :\
  6. I agree at some parts, but it sometimes it's hard to analyse what's really happening if you like something very much. But I've to say: I wait till Coldplay reacts on this case, just because I don't want to sue them right away.
  7. I'm ashamed that I even spend time to comment on your thing, but why (wtf?!) are you at coldplaying.com? I really don't get that? Yes a coldplay fan can state that Coldplay stole a song, but no you can't state (as a coldplay fan) that Coldplay almost copied every song... So I'm open for critics but not for such a nonsense... I'm sorry! And YES I tried to find the similarities between LiTii and Nervana, but they are not there?
  8. No he didn't fail, but I don't think that he was right blowing the thing up like he did. So in my opion he failt on that though.
  9. This Do I understand this right? She says something like: it's will try to sue them because Rihanna is in it?
  10. So this time Coldplay credited everyone, and even then people are trying to sue Coldplay. I can hear that the two songs have strong similarities, but they already gave a source so why the hell trying to sue them tough? :angry: I'm so done with this plagiarism shit.
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