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  1. Well, that's not bad at all for an Avicii song, miles better than Heaven imo. As you said, the lyrics tend to confirm it as a MX/Wedding Album leftover. The guitar reminds me a lot of Lukas at times.
  2. Looks like a version a bit messed up of Lovers in Japan.
  3. 82 pounds for a 60-70 min gig in which you have more guests than actual fans. Security issues outside the venue. Sorry I have to be the one, but they really fcked up here. It gives GS memories, at least.
  4. Life In Technicolor vs. Sunrise Cemeteries Of London vs. Church Lost! vs. BrokEn 42 vs. Trouble In Town Lovers In Japan vs. Daddy Reign Of Love vs. WOTW/POTP Yes vs. Arabesque Chinese Sleep Chant vs. When I Need A Friend Viva La Vida vs. Orphans Violet Hill vs. Guns Strawberry Swing vs. Èkó/Cry Cry Cry/Old Friends Death And All His Friends vs. Champion Of The World The Escapist vs. Everyday Life Viva 12 EL 1 Sry EL, but Viva is unbeatable in my heart. 42/TIT, LIJ/Daddy, DAAHF/COTW were close match ups though, which confirms that EL is a really good album. Yes/Arabesque was literally two of the best Coldplay songs clashing, but I'll go with Arabesque.
  5. [MEDIA=twitter]1198349763856490496[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/coldplayxtra/status/1198349763856490496 Looks like they also played Trouble in Town! We missed in on the discord.
  6. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/coldplay/2019/amman-citadel-amman-jordan-6b9acab2.html Full setlist here, no Trouble in Town though :/
  7. I know it's a one-off gig, but 82 pounds is a bit crazy. Congrats to those who managed to get tickets though!
  8. Even when you click on the video title to be redirected on youtube? That's weird :no_mouth:
  9. Don't have a proper link but if you have a VPN (even a free one, I use Hola on Firefox) and don't want to wait, you can set your Spotify account as if you were in Japan and then listen to Flags through the web player. That song is really nice btw, really interesting to see if the more mainstream LP9 will follow the path of Orphans and Flags.
  10. Pitchfork will probably give EL something between 5.2 and 6.1 for whatever reason, after one or two listens on its release day, in a review that deals with everything but the actual album. Oh and they will probably mention Kid A and how Chris Martin is obsessed with birds. Sorry, still tough to stomach that AROBTTH review. :no_mouth:
  11. [MEDIA=twitter]1195446223907491844[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/thierry_hhh/status/1195446223907491844 Warner Music send a mail to some people regarding a Coldplay one-off show at the National History Museum on Dec 10, looks like ColdplayXtra spread the word and then deleted the tweet.
  12. I agree with the cheesy lyrics, but for once I dont mind. They are so well delivered by Chris, it's just simple and beautiful. Great to see such a track, maybe be the best ballad in a long time from my perspective.
  13. After my initial short review, lets play the game of ranking the songs with some random comments. [spoiler=Sunrise] [spoiler=Sunrise] Sunrise Sunrise- 7/10. I can’t compare it to the other opening tracks, even LiT. Not the best track on the album but the strings are just relaxing and beautiful, I would love to hear it live to open a gig (will probably never happen). Church - 6.5/10. A pretty good song but too much modern Coldplay flaws, don’t like Chris vocals in the first verse at all (I even struggle to understand them). Second part is better tho. Trouble in Town - 9/10. What a great song. Just don’t know what to think about the snippets. The first one definitely adds core to the song but I could have done without the second one. BrokEn - 5/10. Maybe the weakest song, too American, lack of band participation, and out of place in the album in between Trouble in Town and Daddy. Still deserves the average score, at least they tried something. Daddy - 8.5/10. Simple, effective and so many early CP / Viva demos vibes in there. Cheesy lyrics but when the way they are delivered is ace, you almost forget it. For someone who was clearly sick of Chris’ voice in the last few years, this is just great to have such a track. Their best ballad for a long while imo. WOTW/POTP - N/A. Arabesque - 9.5/10. My thoughts are the same as when the song was released : the best Coldplay song in terms of inspiration, risk taking and final output since Viva. I’m trying not to listen to it too much since the album has leaked, but I think I can’t be tired of it, this is just too good. When I Need A Friend - 6/10. Don’t know about this one, very short without the voice snippet, it’s haunting for sure but not much more. [spoiler=Sunset] [spoiler=Sunset] Sunset Guns - 6.5/10. The snippet was so promising that I got too excited. In the end it’s a good song, raw, cool lyrics, but I was expecting more. I don't mind songs like Eko or Old Friends being short acoustic ballads, but I expected more from a song that had so much potential. Also a bit out of place if we consider it as an opening track. Still good for what it is. Orphans - 7.5/10. A bit out of place, but not because of the contrast with the rest of the album. It’s just randomly placed after Guns. I don’t mind a more upbeat song in a darker album, like I did not mind ASFOS in GS (though Orphans is way better imo). Short enough to avoid being repetitive, the bridge may be botched but it’s still catchy af. Eko - 7/10 Cry Cry Cry - 7/10 Old Friends - 7/10 Love Chris’ voice on Eko. Cry Cry Cry keeps growing on me, such a cool song with a catchy chorus. Old Friends is the Parachutes of the album I would say (it’s always positive then). I hope that overtime these three songs won’t be fillers, but atm they all fit well in the album. Bani Adam - 7.5/10 Champion of The World - 9/10 Bani Adam into COTW could have been the perfect closing track of the album imo. The two-parts instrumental is really cool (love the guitar) with a perfect transition to one of the best tracks of the album. Everyday Life - 7/10. It gets better with every listen, but still suffers from the live version (though it’s not a valid argument to rank it, a lot of songs are better live). Fits better as a closer than I thought when it was released (the lyrics justify it anyway), but I really think COTW would have been a better closing track. Looks like EL has an average score of 73/100, which (1) isn't bad at all, I may be severe on some songs, others will grow on me, (2) does not give real clue about the actual quality of the album when you take it as a whole, it was mainly for the sake of the song by song review. At least it definitely shows that my personal favorites are Trouble in Town, Daddy, Arabesque and Champion of the World! I think this album will be very good as a whole overtime, songs like Cry Cry Cry have real potential too. The main critiques are that it may be too much Chris-focused at times, but also the order of the album. BrokEN does not fit between Trouble in Town and Daddy, Guns as an opening track of Sunset is a bit random imo. I think Everyday Life as a Sunset opening track and COTW as the closer could have been really cool. But Everyday Life is definitely the best modern Coldplay album (by a mile) in my opinion, so I'm happy to witness it!
  14. I agree with what most of you have pointed towards BrokEN and Orphans being out of place. The transition is so natural between Trouble in Town and Daddy, I don't know what BrokEn is doing in between. Not the biggest fan of Guns as the opening track of Sunset either. How would you sort the tracklist to fit better then? Though I'm not the biggest fan of changing albums order, I gave it a go and tried to listen to it that way: [spoiler=Sunrise]Sunrise Church Trouble in Town Daddy WOTW/POTP Arabesque BrokEn When I Need A Friend [spoiler=Sunset]Everyday Life Orphans Guns Eko Cry Cry Cry Old Friends Bani Adam Champion Of The World EDIT: Cry Cry Cry is really growing on me, really nice song honestly.
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