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  1. 0. Ambient Intro 1. Always In My Head 2. Yellow 3. LP7 Song 4. In My Place 5. True Love 6. Major Minus 7. Politik 8. LP7 Song 9. GPASUYF / 42 10. LP7 Song / O --- (B Stage) 11. Midnight 12. Us Against the World 13. LP7 Piano Song / Another's Arms --- 14. Charlie Brown 15. Violet Hill 16. Viva la Vida 17. LP7 Song 18. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall --- (C Stage) 19. Magic - Stripped Back --- 20. Fix You 21. LP7 Song 22. A Sky Full of Stars
  2. Been a while since I logged in, but just been listening to the E Werk show and gotta admit these songs sound absolutely amazing! I loved MX a lot but this is just really nice to hear for a change! Wasn't fond of Midnight at first listen but live it sounds amazing :D
  3. Just wrote my review :) http://alternativereviews.co.uk/2013/10/editors-ziggo-dome-amsterdam-241013-live-review/
  4. Here's my 10/10 review of the album http://alternativereviews.co.uk/2013/10/arcade-fire-reflektor-2013-review/
  5. Last night's show was absolutely stunning! Got no words to describe how amazing it was but I'll try! We were in Vak 105 near the back but my friend and I went on an adventure and ended up in Vak 102, virtually right next to the stage! (I've had seats thereabouts for Radiohead once). Balthazar were so amazing, there was one particular song I don't know the name of that they played but it had this weird little sound on the keyboard in the Chorus (I filmed some of it - http://www.youtube.com/e2471) - does anyone want to identify it for me? :D And of course Editors were just bloody fantasti
  6. Oh sorry. Forgot to add that it's amazing. :)
  7. Apparently once the gig starts they already open up the stairs at the back and you can sneak down. Haven't tried it during the gig before (did manage to get to the floor after Muse once) but I heard it's possible..
  8. Afterlife. https://soundcloud.com/arcadefiretube/arcade-fire-afterlife-radio
  9. Same! :D Can't wait, saw them supporting Muse in 2010 as well and I was already a big fan at that point :D Also, for anyone also seeing Editors in Amsterdam this coming Thursday - who's seated/who's standing/who fancies meeting up pre-show? I'm seated, Section 105. Admittedly not extremely close but still on the first level which is good enough. Plus you're able to sneak down the front at the Ziggo!
  10. Who's going from Holland? Looking for somebody/a group to travel with!
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