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  1. LOL Up With The Birds actual is the fifth single.... you all were wrong! haha wikipedia actually got it right.
  2. Car Kids better be on the Charlie Brown single:thinking: or..... they could never give us another song again as long as we get to hear Sex and Violence :wink3: oh and by the way CK does stand for car kids, i forget if it was oracle or chris said it in an interview, but i read it somewhere that its for car kids, but it also looks like a person if you turn it sideways
  3. sry if this has been already known but i though i'd put it here for new comers anyway
  4. So i found this on youtube today, thought i'd share even though the quality is sucky in parts. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj6iVHYHmJM]Coldplay - " Princess of China " feat. Rihanna ( Full Studio version ) Mylo Xyloto - YouTube[/ame] Super Excited none the less!!!
  5. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall 7 Major Minus 9 Moving to Mars 11 MX 10 Hurts like Heaven 14 Charlie Brown 13 Princess of China 7 Us Against the World 11
  6. haha sry yeah i'm new, i find this site is a lot trickier to navigate than facebook, thanks for the advice i'll try to fid the threads
  7. So I was wondering what everyone is most excited for on LP5. Personally i'm really excited to hear the song that will feature the mandolin-banjo instrument that Roadie 42 posted in one of his blogs from last year. So, what are you guys excited for??
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