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  1. Gees, at least Wyrd understood what I was doing! This review was my opinion, and the way that I saw the mix tape, with a dash of black humor added so that it wouldn't be that much of a negative review. Sort of something that my mix tape partner could read, but not take it THAT seriously, and have a good laugh! YOUR "advice" of not taking it too seriously and having a sense of irony has backfired. Immensely. I'm just trying to lighten up and have a little fun, and yet people like you people keep bashing me time and time again! Why am I even still on this forum? You could've at least re
  2. Ok then, how do you critically review a mixtape?
  3. I didn't know you were here either! :lol: Such a good thing to see people you know, eh? :laugh3:
  4. Admiral Ackbar is in the back of my mind telling me not to go through with this... :lol: It's on allmixtapes here.
  5. Mixtape 15: Summer Hits Rating: Summer Hits, eh? Don’t let the title fool you. It ain’t that great. I’m not sure if the Coldplaying mixtape exchange has had that many negative reviews, but there’s one thing for sure. This one’s going to be negative! I’m gonna go Pitchfork.com on this mixtape’s butt! I sort of saw this coming, actually. Being a very anti-1980s person, when I looked at the artwork and title, I said to myself, “Oh no”. To be fairly honest, I was expecting some pretty terrible stuff like late-1980s synth-pop and disco, but thankfully to the mercy of the mixtape creator,
  6. Sorry to keep my partner waiting. Just thought I'd let you know I've not abandoned your mixtape! I'm actually still trying to write a review on it!
  7. To my mixtape partner: Sorry for the delays! I've only just gone around to listening to it and I'll post my review very soon!
  8. I’m really glad you liked my mixtape, DieProspekt! Although I think there’s some kind of mistake. The track list isn’t meant to be in that order... Tracks 1-5 are actually supposed to be AFTER tracks 6-12! It’s switched sides! :thinking: Oh well, as long as you had a great time listening to it! :P For those who don’t know, I took my talents in writing to the pony fandom and wrote a fanfiction called The Academy, and this mixtape is the accompanying soundtrack to that fic. Firstly, I’ll help you fill the missing gaps and reply to your comments! Track 1 is indeed Green Day. It’
  9. I'm so anxious to get mine! I'm extremely interested in what it's gonna sound like!
  10. Pretty much the reaction of almost everyone who's listened to the album :lol:
  11. Pack your bags, guys! Parrot's gonna take us on a nostalgia trip!
  12. Funny when we look back on it how silly we were about Car Kids :lol:
  13. I like music. Gimme any kind of music! (Unless it's Death metal of course :lol:) Also, I made my mixtape months ago, so I ain't bendin' it anytime soon...
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