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  1. What??? I assume english is not your first language and the translator you used didn't help at all. I thought I was reading algebra.
  2. That's a sick lie and you're an evil human being for thinking that way, I'm going to hate you intensely for having different opinion and musical taste than me. Kid A (by far), Hail to the thief, In Rainbows, Amnesiac, and then...Ok computer, TKoL, Bends, Pablo Honey is the only correct order. Love these Radiohead discussions on coldplay forums.
  3. Ok, I see what you're saying. But I just feel that TKoL is still on par with their direction sense Kid A. Radiohead has this awesome experimentation while still keeping their distinctive sound. I love how they're all over the place with their "genres" they toy with, even within a single song. I think Radiohead is far better off now then their alt rock days (bends, etc.) but I guess that's because I only started listening to them recently instead of growing up on the bends and ok computer.
  4. King of limbs and MX are not even comparable. I like MX but I don't these two albums are close to each other in any aspect.
  5. Sorry if I insulted Keane, they just don't do anything for me even though I've tried many times to like them. As far as muse going in the direction would disappoint the other fans is untrue because those fans are the wayward fans that only know supermassive black hole, NSC and uprising. Those fans don't deserve to be satisfied in my opinion. The people who have been muse fans for years and bought all lot of stuff deserve better than madness and poppy direction. I'm not saying muse should write for their specific fanbase they should just write music for themselves kind of like radiohead does.
  6. Madness is a terrible song and not something I want from muse, pop songs about love are something I'd wish they'd stay away from. I was alright with undisclosed desires, guiding light and I belong to You because the music and lyrics fit pretty well and the lyrics weren't blunt and cliche like madness. I'm not trying to limit muse here but they should stick to there usual subject matter and only deviate when necessary. I don't go to subway to get a Big Mac just like I don't listen to Muse to get cheap, radio friendly pop songs about love. I forced myself to like paradise when it came out I'm
  7. Am I the only one who believes Hurts Like heaven sets the setting and the main male protagonist, then paradise brings in the girls life story. then they meet in charlie brown and then truly fall in love in Us Against the World. Also the "happy ending" doesn't necessarily mean that they're back together but maybe they have moved on and grown from the experience and relish the memories of there past relationship. Happy endings are all relative.
  8. I tried and failed at that, I know exactly what I want to do too but I don't have the tools to do so. Its ashame because it could work like the "Oh love, don't let me go" goes pretty good with the charlie brown chiming riff but the acoustic guitars conflict one another. I tried breaking the songs at there vocal segments but it's too damn hard, I aint good at it...yet
  9. Do you mean charlie brown transitioning into DLIBYH or do you mean to combine them, cuz that would be really hard sense both songs are very "full" if that makes any sense.
  10. Parachutes: Shiver AROBTTH: The Scientist X&Y: Til Kingdom Come Viva La Vida: Death and All of His Friends MX: MX/HLH My opinion is the only correct opinion, IMO
  11. As of recently... Muse deadmau5 Mumford & Sons A7x Skrillex Kreo Foo Fighters My Morning Jacket Fleet Foxes Jon Hopkins Justice Stone Sour Daft Punk Pink Floyd Red Hot Chili Peppers ...and thats all I can recall...oh and Nickleback (I'M FUCKING JOKING, I WOULD NEVER DO SOMETHING SO SINFUL)
  12. P.S. I'm really bored so just gonna post these lyrics that I love. I can't remember when it was good moments of happiness elude maybe I just misunderstood all of the love we left behind watching the flash backs intertwine memories I will never find so I'll love whatever you become and forget the reckless things we've done I think our lives have just begun I think our lives have just begun and I'll feel my world crumbling I'll feel my life crumbling I'll feel my soul crumbling away and falling away falling away with you staying awake to chase a dream tasting the air
  13. I believe that lyrics are all based on the music that backs it. I also believe that lyrics are perceived differently depending on if the person is playing an instrument along with singing the lyrics. For me the lyrics for We Found Love had more meaning an depth when Coldplay did their cover of the song when Chris was playing the piano for it, it seemed a lot more meaningful then when rihanna just sings it (song still sucks either way). But lyrics are very hard to come up with and i respect anyone who can up with any especially a band that's written 5 albums worth and then some. I'm pretty sur
  14. I think it's just because that song had a slow intro then picks up about a minute in, which is what MMIX does to lead you into ETIAW. Funny how things work out like that.
  15. Now that listen to it carefully it has a Jon Hopkins sound to it, I heard he might of done something with this album as well, but could just be Eno, idk. Also 2009 in roman is MMIX not M.M.I.X.
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