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  1. Looks like the tickets are going out folks, keep an eye on those inboxes! [ATTACH=CONFIG]32877[/ATTACH]
  2. Awesome cover, can you please share the chords with us?
  3. Apart from sitting and trying on Wed at 9am PST for over an hour, I've been checking in periodically over the past 2 days (both via web and app), and still no luck. I know the closer we get, the harder it'll be, but I'm pretty disappointed that very few people got tickets for this. 1,800 people isn't much, but still, there should've been more success as far as the tickets go. Overall, pretty crappy experience (not the band's fault at all), but I'm bummed I won't get to see them this time around.
  4. 15 minutes in and still nothing. Pretty shitty for an established company such as Ticketmaster.
  5. I keep refreshing but nothing's coming up! Edit: It's showing now but getting a 'high demand' message
  6. I remember seeing the same, around $59 which is awesome!
  7. Confirmed. Tickets go on sale Wednesday!
  8. Is it necessary to call into the radio station too? Or is online signup enough?
  9. I was surprised to see Will playing this live. Not to try and discredit him or his musical ability, but that could be just for show, especially knowing that Coldplay uses a lot of click tracks (Clocks, Paradise for example)
  10. Your best bet is to watch the videos and try to nail it by watching/hearing. I know the tuning of Chris' guitar is C# G# C# F C# C#, so chances of Jonny having the same tuning are about 99% I'd say.
  11. I'd definitely go with the Eventide Blackhole, it's specifically made for Reverb, Delay and other various modulations
  12. I listened to it again and it's true, the Light Through The Veins version is the same as the album except it has a beautiful piano added to it at the end. The other tracks are just mesmerizing, it's unbelievable. I wonder if those snippets are the demos (from sessions) for what eventually became Mylo Xyloto songs, or if these were made specifically for the DVD.
  13. Audio snippets from Live 2012? Couldn't find an official 'Live 2012' thread so I thought I'd tried my luck here :) Between the actual song there are 4 documentary pieces featuring each member of the band. In the background they are playing electronic/instrumental/demo version of 'Hurts Like Heaven', 'Don't Let it Break Your Heart', 'Up With the Birds', 'Light Through The Veins' and 'Charlie Brown'. Now, I would pay money to get my hands on those snippets. Anyone have even the slightest idea on how to get them?
  14. It's basically just octaves - the one he starts with are D#/Eb and then just moves his way up. Octaves in both hands!
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