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  1. I wanna know if you got upgraded!!!!!
  2. In MOntreal they released floor tickets, freaking good seats. A and D rows and L
  3. For these dudes because they are idiots - sorry, it's the word. There is a BIG difference between SEMI professional and PROFESSIONAL camera. A BIG. Let me tell you. I'm sorry for you. Means you missed the concert? I had the idea to bring my Rebel XSi with my 18-200 or my 70-300mm. Thank god I didn't !??
  4. They might take some songs from Toronto but like I said, the video director told me they were filming Montreal
  5. First of all, the second show was WAY better than the first one. The crowd was SO pumped. Wayyy more than thursday. And, we got 2 XYLOBANDS !!! :D They redid Charlie Brown for the film, plus I found Chris was happier, and he was talking to the fans way more than thursday. The whole show was just better on friday. Thank god they filmed on friday and not on thursday... the crowd was just so much more into it. And Chris said : "we could not pick any better audiance to film a movie" which is not so false, because Montreal has amazing crowds in every concert. Ok, doesn't beat RIO but...!
  6. I can't believe I waited 10 months for this and it's over now. Where to begin ... Ok first of all amazing light show. Does Coldplay need this ? No. Was it f#&[email protected]! Amazing ? Yes. Second of all, the set list really disappointed me. Princess of china we don't need ... Don't let it break your heart was ok .... But I was so excited for warning sign and speed of sound. I have Ben waiting for so many months to hear warning sign and I was nervous when I saw they played trouble in Toronto. I have listened to all the festivals this summer (rock in Rio, Glastonbury, iTunes and more) and I was gett
  7. Quelqu'un du centre Bell nous a informé que le DVD sera filmé demain :)
  8. Quelqu'un sait vers quelle heure ils arrivent au Cnetre Bell?
  9. Le Cristal probably... Just beside the Bell Center... Pi pour la chanson je suis tellement fâchée ils ont enlevé Warning Sign hier à Toronto. J'attends ce concert et cette chanson depuis tellement longtemps et un concert avant le nôtre... Bam, pu ma chanson. ARG!!!!!! By the way the crowds in Montreal are always insane every artist loves to play here :)
  10. Quelle chanson voulez-vous absolument entendre? :)
  11. Can we have the playlist? :) And wait what did I miss? The movie is gonna be from this concert?
  12. LauCH

    QUÉBEC !

    Plus que 3 petits jours.... :D !!! On fait notre réunion Coldplaying ou pas finalement?
  13. LauCH

    QUÉBEC !

    vas-tu aux deux finalement?
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