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  1. Don't know if Jarrad or anybody is still looking at the thread but I kinda had a relapse in feeling crappy and wrote these Seeking a passion to save me Failing, falling none will listen to a plea Outright panic, felt excruciatingly Thin net below me Can't stop screaming Everything unknown at once Won't stop inside Heart beating heat Why me? There's no answer Can't see Green pit of the unintentional lie, Did I mention? I want to die. (I'm not actually suicidal it's just hyperbole) I want to cry. Tears from fears It's all too much. How do my peers avoid the fear?
  2. That was great! Actually reminded me of Charlie Chaplin's speech from The Great Dictator.
  3. Thanks! Yeah things are better now. It was mostly about how I'm in college at the moment and I was an undecided major and everybody always said "you got time" and I always wondered if they really knew what they were talking about or where just trying to make me feel better. The lines just after the first are kind of that high after someone gives me advice like that, kind of like "Oh every things fine I guess!". Then kind of the different paths that are available to students. "Say a word and a rhyme" is kind of the artistic route with poetry, music, or writing. "Shoot a tequila with lime" is th
  4. Here's a poem I wrote. "You got time" I could say a word and a rhyme, I could shoot a tequila with lime, I could buckle down and tell myself everything's fine, I could give up my values, bend a knee and climb. So many options ahead I see myself flying! But they were lying Everything is not fine I have no time. Sorry it's not very optimistic (just how I was feeling at the time).
  5. My name's Zach if that's who you were asking. :) And thanks for the replies and whoever read some of my post.
  6. Okay here's what happened on August 11, 2012 at the St. Paul show. Scroll to the bottom if you just want a summary. In the week leading up to the concert I had a weird mix of feelings. Foremost was the fact that I had been waiting since December for this and it was finally here. Secondly was a kind of sadness because before it was so close it was like yeah the concert is going to be so amazing and I could just sit in ease of knowing that it's coming. Then when it was actually close it was like crap it's going suck when it's over because I won't know I'll be going to a Coldplay concert b
  7. Working on a longer post, will be done soon.
  8. Stayed up late, mostly finished. I have pants and sprayed my shoes a little too. http://imgur.com/a/ySNPp Can't wait!!
  9. "Yes I feel a little bit nervous, Yes I feel nervous and I cannot relax," http://imgur.com/ztzjd Almost done with the back of my brothers shirt.
  10. Anyone know when they take the panorama shot? And how much are the various things at the merch shop like the poster and shirts?
  11. Yeah it's not like if I don't get one I won't love it, it's more like I want something to show how much I love the band and the possibility of a upgrade is a chance to physically show it. And that's sound awesome that you made a doll, would love to see it. And here's a experiment of the shirt's I'm working on. http://imgur.com/ZXOOq
  12. Your shirts look awesome! My brother and I were looking at stuff today. We found the paint and everything and looked at shirts but we weren't sure how the paint would show up on the different colors. It looks great on that black so would it be the same with a neon green shirt or a blue one do you think? We also found some cool color bracelets that I think look good.
  13. My two brothers and I are going to our first Coldplay gig at the August 11 St. Paul show. Our tickets aren't bad, somewhere to the side on club level but I've read about the seat upgrades for the excited fans who have energy. I know I'll be freaking out because I'm the biggest fan among my brothers and my hearts beating faster just thinking about it so hopefully they'll notice. I hope to be upgraded with my brothers by a roadie but not sure how best to do it. We talked about bright colored t-shirts and doing homemade stuff one them but haven't done anything yet but planning on doing it
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