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  1. Hmm, you make a fair point... it still needs more discussion and we are not finished. Higher Power is less songier, but more dancier. So does it mean it's actually a dance? 😄
  2. This is true Finally after a long debate full of different opinions we have figured it out! Higher Power is a song. I'm glad we found an universally pleasing opinion. I guess this thread could be closed with that.🙂
  3. Well to begin with, this production and mixing is as good as it can be in pop song. Of course we want more Jonny, but we probably hear him a bit higher up in live performance. I think this is definitely one of their strongest song from vocal perspective. There is so much going on with backing vocals and it varies a lot. But they have made it sound so effortless and great, sounds very clear. Also I think overall it's actually a lot better song than a lot of people realise at first. It's not their masterpiece, but it's probably one of their best arranged pop song and song gives me vibe
  4. Can't wait to get high of Higher Power already. I'm just wondering if it's going to be mega hit or a giga hit...
  5. I'm not very convinced it's real song. Doesn't sound very good for me to be honest. Sounds like it could be some cover version. It says in the notes: audio by Planeta Coldplay
  6. Okay, if anyone wants to go and wait on YouTube, here's the link:
  7. After this I can't believe we are getting a synth pop anthem tomorrow.
  8. Haha, that launchpad is funny. "Let's see what happens when I press this button" - crescendo of Fix You
  9. Anyone else getting these little interruptions with static noise like Alien Radio is trying to take over?
  10. Anyone wants to make predictions for setlist? And for how long are they going perform? Considering there is 8-9 artists and it's 5 hours long, I think as headliners they might get 45 to 60 minutes. Obviously we get Viva la Vida with video of people singing along to it. Also Yellow and Fix You. Definitely the newest single Higher Power. Maybe one more new song? Considering they are playing for the cameras, this gives them opportunity to perform some interesting songs. They don't need to hold the energy for 100 000 people in front of them. People watching the stream pay probably m
  11. To be honest, I don't haha. Hopefully it doesn't get leaked until the world premiere at least. 😀 It's more about how the record label manages to avoid the leak and it seems that they are very serious about it this time. Anyway I got the notification just a few hours ago that my CD is shipped, so it means there's bunch of Higher Power CD-s travelling around in the world possibly and leaking might be unavoidable now. Still, fingers crossed it doesn't!
  12. I wonder that too. It will be interesting to see! I really hope they actually play a bit synths live in this song and hopefully put guitar higher in the mix in the parts where it's possible. They have always managed to make the songs work in live performances more or less. For example Something Just Like This in live was kind of a positive surprise for me.
  13. Well, with all these "what if" speculations Coldplayers also must be thinking: What if... I got it wrong And no poem or song Could put right what I got wrong 🤔
  14. About this Chromatica - Kaotica case. Tried to follow it a bit. It's sometimes interesting to follow this side of the music fanaticism (or fanaticism in general), where things get toxic and hateful. It shows there is a lot of passion, which is good, but at the same time it shows people being overly obsessed with something to unhealthy amounts and it's sad, scary and immature. Also it shows again, how easy it is to make a case of something on Internet with half truths or false information and people will believe it without giving it a doubt. In this case these immature Gaga's fan
  15. I haven't got confirmation email either, but I can see my order under the Order History when I look at my account in Coldplay store. Fulfillment status says "unfulfilled" though.
  16. You spilled the truth. I seriously don't get the hype about The Weeknd in general. Have you listened to his lyrics? It's sad that people stream and support such a misogynist artist. I mean i'm be no means music expert, but here's my comment. We can't argue, that a lot of the music these days feels generic. But the beauty of a song becoming big or relevant these days mostly lies in something else than just being an original artsy masterpiece. It's freakin TikTok era, where people have attention span of 5 seconds, so in order to make impact with a song, you need to do it in 5 seco
  17. If it's not officially easily accessible, then probably there is a reason behind it. I have feeling it was a mistake and it shouldn't be available. So, please don't share links in here, especially the unofficial ripped ones.
  18. It's about the taste if people like it or not, but Higher Power has hell of a strong production, that's not arguable! A bit reminds me Blinding Lights, but Higher Power has more dynamics, stronger drums and bass and overall more boost, at least in this clip. Hoping for some of the amazing Jonny's guitar elements though, to give it proper Coldplay vibe. Very catchy, definitely need the whole song now!
  19. I did that too and haven't got any confirmation email either. I haven't ordered anything before from Coldplay store... I don't know what's going on?
  20. Take On Me reference sounds great though. Actually something what I was hoping. Some MX vibes mixed with 80's would be exciting.
  21. So I guess some insiders have already heard the song. BlackoutZone claims so on this forum: https://atrl.net/forums/topic/350728-coldplay-higher-power/page/2/ "It's breezy, summery, nostalgic. NOT as synthpop heavy as Blinding Lights, but it does remind me of Take On Me by A-ha a bit. Radio will eat it up" Hopefully can believe she actually has heard it.
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