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  1. Er... the Tiesto remix is...horrible ? Cheesy as hell...
  2. Ulrich Schnauss, Four Tet (they remixed Coldplay before but they never worked with them) King Creosote on vocals (with Jon Hopkins) Paddy McAloon from Prefab Sprout Travis Paul McCartney
  3. Sure. I know that cd singles are long gone. But no instrumental ? no remix ? Just one track ? We have several remixes and versions available on Spotify or YouTube official channel that haven't got a physical version...
  4. I just received the one track cd single from the Coldplay webshop. (it took a while because I'm in France) Nice package but one track ? It's weird that they released Arabesque / Orphans on 7'' and Higher Power on a cd single. What is the logic there ?
  5. You probably know that but Ian Brown (in 2001) and Mike Oldfield (in 2008) already published an album called Music of the Spheres...
  6. You're welcome. Is it possible to have a download of the 2010 live ? I missed that.
  7. They're doing it again in two days. https://www.livexlive.com/live-events/festival/alter-ego?utm_source=bandsintown&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=event-musicliveson
  8. By Ben Harper and The Soweto Gospel Choir. Just released, I think.
  9. In Spotify France, you don't have the Clean Version. Only the Explicit one.
  10. Maybe someone mentioned this before (sorry if it is the case), but I noticed on Amazon.Fr that there's a Clean version of the album ?? Without the F words ?
  11. Really disappointed that the concert is not on Dec 10 like the previous rumor. (next monday is way too short) And that it's only available to UK members. I had been lucky when I saw them on Dec 9, 2015 at the free concert in Paris.
  12. Compare "Daddy" to John Lennon's "Mother" It's a different style, of course, but it's pure emotion...
  13. This album feels like U2 : Rattle and Hum, pieces recorded from all around the world, while on tour, etc... I thought also a lot about The White Album with many different styles, little songs, great tracks... Daddy makes me cry EVERY time. Church has the same basic track as Everyday Life. I love this album. And it's only the beginning...
  14. I really love this track. Hallelujah has only been covered by Jeff Buckley, but it's from Leonard Cohen. :)
  15. Let's start... from the start with the debut album. Of course, you can contribute with your suggestions. PARACHUTES - The Super Deluxe Edition CD1 : The Original Album Remastered CD2 : Demos from this era CD3 : The B Sides - For You 5.45 - Careful where you stand 4.47 - Help is round the corner 2.36 - No more keeping my feet from the ground 4.31 - Brothers and sisters 4.49 - Yellow (The Alpha Remix) 4.27 - Bigger Stronger - Such a rush - Easy to please - Only Superstition CD4 : Live Tracks - Live at KCRW's 5 tracks Shiver (Jo Whiley Lunchtime Social) 4.21 - The Nor
  16. Sorry if someone posted about this before. We all wait for the Coldplay 2017 Live film / cd, but I think it's time for Coldplay to think about super deluxe editions of their previous albums. I'm not talking about expensive sets, but something with 4-5 cds of contents, some remastered, some exclusives. I'm still buying cds and vinyls, but let's face it, the cd single is dead. I follow the http://www.superdeluxeedition.com website and the Coldplay catalogue has all it takes to be superdeluxed. What do you think about that ?
  17. I'm sorry, Clairounette, but I go at the Wagram concert with my kid. I had an extra ticket for the Canal plus show yesterday, but my contact at C+ needed the name of my +1 very quickly. :( I posted on the coldplaying facebook page and I just waited an hour. Nobody seemed interested.
  18. I'm a lucky guy. Tomorrow, I'll be at the Canal Plus show and after that, I'll be at the Wagram free concert. I received the tickets by mail just before noon.
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