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  1. Hello! I just want you to say big thank you! I got your christmas card, ornament and photos. I love all these things! Thank you so much:) Have a wonderful 2014 with many amazing gigs;)) Take Care Ola

  2. I also got my card and much more! Thank you so much nayelukiss!
  3. Hello Nayelli, my secret Santa! Thank you so much for everything what you sent me. I love it! It made my day! Thanks a lot! Merry Christmas:) Greetings from Poland! Ola

  4. god, you were so so so lucky! I am jealous ;p I was also on Monday in Prague at the old town, but I was not lucky enough;(
  5. It looks awesome! Maybe they will listen to you, who knows ;)
  6. wisna, honestly I do not know. I have not seen the second entrance before you told me. Maybe we can just choose it? I have no idea.
  7. oh, I also 'know' Olivia. We want to meet in Prague. She will be also at the concert in Warsaw 3 days later ;) What time do you plan to be at the stadium?
  8. wisna, we will have only flag, no banners probably. I am not so creative :embarrassed: btw what kind of ticket do you have?
  9. Ahoj!:) I see, well with my friends we will be sth about 8/9 AM I guess, but it could change. We will come by train to Prague early morning. exactly, I want to know exactly what kind of cameras we can have.
  10. yay, only 5 days left! I am so excited! I can see that many foreigners are going at this concert. What time do you plan to be at the stadium? And someone sees the offical regulations? ;)
  11. it sounds amazing! I would love to see such a video! ; )
  12. Happy New Year dear Coldplayers! : ))
  13. Hello ! I am Ola and I am from Poland. I am 19. Why I have not seen this topic before? I write letters with many people from all over the World, but it would be even more awesome to have some coldplayer penpal! : )) Let me know! : ))
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