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  1. or is the 7 minute version, O part 1 and part 2 together?
  2. Does anyone have it?, im confused about the hidden track thing I want the complete thing, not the 5 minute version, i'm not gonna listen until the album is out if it doesn't happen.
  3. The bonus tracks list a song entitled "Ghost Story" maybe that is it
  4. been waiting for an original deluxe version my whole life
  5. Lets hope that theyre not doing any stories in their albums anymore Mylo Xyloto is being made into a comic, they look like interplanetary spies on the cover Just a double album without any canon would be nice
  6. Maybe some ska and jazz could be in lp6
  7. LP6 will have some baroque pop because every album had at least one song with strings and percussion
  8. :embarrassed::embarrassed::embarrassed:
  9. :embarrassed: They could as well make an album with baroque pop with songs like Viva, X&Y, Daylight, Rainy Day and Paradise
  10. Im lost here:escaping3::escaping3:
  11. Me too!, i listened to it first because of "Talk"!
  12. Amen to that!!! Girls who are Coldplayers! I'm a guy by the way
  13. Really?, an attached Coldplay fan?, I'm a fan of Coldplay (Coldplayer) while girls are Fans/Beliebers for that miserable excuse for a pop singer Justnot Bieber COLDPLAYER4LIFE
  14. Why are you hating on X&Y?, It's their best record in my opinion, I just hope LP6 is like X&Y and a double album with each disc 42 minutes or more each:smug:
  15. Really?, Beatles Comparisons?, :confused:
  16. So Prospector has a point, yes additional tracks sound weird after closing songs, Sorry about the "True Fan" stuff if it offends you
  17. Well let's see, in deluxe editions they can tweak the tracklist to make it longer by putting tracks in between rather than after. (Blink 182's Neighborhoods or Diddy's Last Train To Paris Anyone?):wink3:
  18. Really?, Because I don't remember MX having an official Deluxe Edition because Deluxe Editions usually have bonus tracks of ORIGINAL MATERIAL. And you rather wait three years for less than an hour than music? wow And by the way only true fans would want it longer than X & Y
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