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  1. I submitted this question to the Oracle a few weeks ago, sadly it is unanswered! I asked whether Chris would deliberately fuck up Warning Sign since he fucked it up even back in Glasto 2005 and eversince i heard it he started it over and excused for fucking up, i thing at the philadelphia show lately with nearly the exact same words as at glasto 05! too bad the oracle didnt answer... oh btw: i dont know i think the fuckups are unintentional but chris fucking up warning sign is just getting old. i think he has a hard time playing it or at least had a hard time at first. since it was a
  2. @Ronnie riiiight i think i heard HLH on other stations too... antenne bayern i guess or br3 or ffh... dunno...
  3. Well if it includes MX, it'll be too long for the stations, because it is a nice intro to listen to for us, but not the general consumer, it would be too boring. if it does not include MX, well, that's what i find troublesome as well, because this song just jumps into the action right away with the lyrics. maybe a small intro? just a few chimey rings from MX to lead in? personally i have a solution in my head :D but there's no point in putting the effort in cutting it with audio editing programs....
  4. papapapapapapapapapapapapapapapa umamamau papa umaaa mamau papa umamamau papa umaaaamamau :D bababa bird bird bird, bird is the word :D
  5. when it is finished, you should forward it to debs wild. she is so lovely and i think she'd help letting chris see it. i mean, she even replies to mails ( to me like 4 times already!? )
  6. not the "full" one is it? like erm... life is for living is missing i suppose? generally stuff for like 20-30 minutes?
  7. Hey..... I still get the mashup stuck in my head xD :dazzled: Especially the Take on Me part :P

  8. donc, c'est vrai... mais elle est fou maintenant... ne croyez pas un mot qu'elle dit =P
  9. Anna i already told you i'm... nah figure it out yourself xD or let someone else tell ya =PPP good night everyone!
  10. weeeeell i know a certain coldplayer who is freaking out right now because she listened to a 26 minutes torture of my worst 14 performances in a row xD
  11. how the hell did you make the blue one blink a few times in a row? did you know (i just dismanteled it and soldered it loose etc) it contains 3 3V batteries? oh and the 6 leds are connected parallel, red wires are + and black - they shine at their brightest if they are supplied with the 6V from the 2 staggered 3V batteries and having one of the black wires connected to the - side or any other part connected with it. but in order to work completely, it is necessary to find out the exact radio frequencies... did anybody try to contact the manufacturer? or whoever is in charge of radio wave
  12. I have the explaination to it all actually ._. See, they do have the hole in the sides because there i think was a piece of paper. some of the visitors were helping the officials to activate them. the piece of paper is between the battery and one of the metal clamps to prevent contact before use (saves battery). when pulled out, a xyloband is working, however, by shorting out the contacts and the battery you will see one flash as a sign that it is fully working and not damaged. that is why they flash. i haven't found any way to let them glow longer, except if you hook up the leds and the b
  13. oh oooh ooooh coldplay on tuesday, coldplay on tuesdaaay
  14. let me -once more- mention: I'M GONNA SEE COLDPLAY NEXT TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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