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  1. Oh god, does anyone know what happened to Reilly? Last heard he got blocked, was that ever lifted or what?
  2. I joined here because someone from this forum leaked the Mylo Xyloto title. Remember that? And I left the forum because I received a large amount of hostility. Such a close-knit community might have been intimidating to forum members? I dunno. I still talk to Celine the most, I guess. I follow a bunch of you all on Twitter, I see Molly on there a lot, but I wanna know what happened to Brent, and whether he ever put that down that mug. I do however fucking love the irony that on the Coldplay forum, it became cool to hate Coldplay. And that nobody in the Lounge would admit to liking Coldplay.
  3. Reading women's minds takes the fun out of seeing the look on their face when you make them happy.
  4. Can we form a Coldplaying Justice League?
  5. Personally though, I'd go for illusion casting, simply because you make anyone believe anything. You could make your date believe you're more attractive. You could make a flight attendant believe you have a ticket. You could make your car look like a Ferrari. You could paint the walls of your room every day of the week. You could make a man in a shop believe that what you just handed him was £8,000 for a new suit. You could make the stewards at concerts believe that you're the performer; hell, if you can bend light, you can probably bend it around yourself so that you can appear invisible.
  6. Whether or not people knew of your powers or not, there'd always be people out to kill/lab-test evolved humans. The idea with all of these powers is that they're made possible by the power of your mind. You think, "I'd really like to know someone's thoughts," and you can. Or, "I wish I was in London at this specific place," and you are. If you have the ability to fly, you don't contract hypothermia from the colder reaches of the atmosphere, you just feel the sensation of flying and control where you go with your mind. There shouldn't be any logistical technicalities to superpowers, right?
  7. Last time I dared poke my head round the corner of the lounge door, it was a bit of a serious place, so no offence taken if this isn't your kind of question. What would you have though? Here's a list of some good ones. Power mimicry/absorption/theft: take the powers of others Telekinesis: move things with your mind Telepathy: hear the thoughts of others Invisibility: become invisible Phasing: move through solid objects Precognition: see the future Chronokinesis: bend time to your will Pyrokinesis: control fire Electrokinesis: control electricity Teleportation: move to another pl
  8. High Speed A Whisper Swallowed In The Sea Lost! Us Against The World. Just to clarify, Swallowed In The Sea is the biggest sack of shit the band have ever and probably will ever churn out.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm glad the forum got going again. Ian - if you ever see this - good luck in the future; I heard that you sold the site, so thanks for your fantastic work on the forum, from all involved (though I'm probably by no means the first to say that!). I haven't really come on Coldplaying for a long time, and the only thread that I actually stayed on was the old LP6 thread. I felt things got a bit serious in other parts of the forum and I didn't get on/like some members, but that's in the past. The place where people seemed genuinely enthusiastic about things was in the LP6 thread
  10. They've obviously written these ones as acoustic because they work best as introverted reflections, but what about doing something a bit different with them? Below is one of my songs of the year. The bass is really prominent all the way through, and that's something that worked on Paradise. The little electronic noises are fantastic too, so why not get Jon Hopkins in for something like that? [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHotQANrGCE]Bonobo - First Fires - YouTube[/ame] And of course this is just one song that does something different to what could be an acoustic track. Look at M
  11. Radiohead did the secret set a couple of years back. They've headlined in the past. Not an impossibility!
  12. It makes sense for Coldplay to release music in the summer. What if they're this year's secret Glastonbury act?
  13. The French flag is just so beautiful, it's partly why Liberty Leading The People is so striking. I hate patriotism and I'd hate him to wave a British flag, but it's just such a brilliant image to see Chris waving a French flag in Paris.
  14. Maybe this upcoming charity gig will give them a chance to reassess setlists, directions and the like… it would be very difficult not to be swayed by the crowd's reaction if it's a really good gig, given that they've been off the road for a while.
  15. Okay, now new question… What would you like to see as a three-song encore? I would say: Death and All His Friends The Scientist Viva La Vida I just think Viva's an excellent one to end on, as it's such a singalong.
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