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  1. Bring it on then ;)!

  2. Yes, i totally agree with you. That sucks. But don't be afraid of me :). Could you write te me first? i send you my address in a pivate message.

  3. I see! Well, that's nice to get to start on such a noble hobby 8B! I just hope you won't let me down Poky ^^': I'm afraid I'm no longer able to bear the absent penpals who, once they receive a letter, they fade away and don't even send a mail or a message to tell me they're busy or they have commitments or stuff :s

  4. Actually no, I've just started, because I find one person here, and I'm waiting for her letter. But I want to have penpals from alllllll the world :P

  5. I'M! OH MY GOSH >____< FINALLY A COLDPLAY FAN AS A PENPAL ;_____; Have you ever penpalled Poky :3?

  6. I'm fine, thanks. I saw your message in a topic about penpals. Are you still interested in? :)

  7. Hey, hey, hey! How ARE YOU POKY? =3

  8. 11h18 Casablanca, Roccie Kingdom. I'm supposed to work on beams and some presentations. Instead, I'm stubbornly watching Boys Over Flowers while browsing for details about "Where's My Boy" and filling a chakra test. How is life
  9. So I'm currently learning that Moroccan websites of local companis suck, that HR people of here don't care enough to answer with a "nah!" and that all this will make me drink cola, and GOD I HATE COLA >.<
  10. Entertaining huh XD? Well thanks Coldplay/MUSE mashed up pal 8B!
  11. I kind of like reading those little stories :p We could make a little handcrafted book out of them :3
  12. Bonsoir Lorry, J'ai vu ton petit message et j'espère que tu tiens le coup, ma grande! Je ne vais pas prononcer le discours infernal de "ça arrive, faut passer le cap, il/elle est dans un endroit meilleur". Je me contente juste de te laisser [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--MQ9rXh9AM"]ça[/ame] là. Avec mes meilleures intentions de bestiole.

  13. I wonder if you're a believer or not, Lory but at least he/she is done with the pain that drove him/her to such a decision. I'm sending you my best intentions and hope you'll get some hugs, a good cup of tea and warm hopes for the soul of the departed.
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