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  1. My Top 15 Albums of the Year So Far 15: B.C. Camplight โ€“ How to Die in the North 14: ๏ผ’๏ผ˜๏ผ‘๏ผ” โ€“ ๆ–ฐใ—ใ„ๆ—ฅใฎ่ช•็”Ÿ 13: Everything Everything โ€“ Get to Heaven 12: deathโ€™s dynamic shroud.wmv โ€“ Iโ€™ll Try Living Like This 11: Clarence Clarity โ€“ No Now 10: Liturgy โ€“ The Ark Work 09: Various Artists โ€“ The Eternal Dream System 08: Kamasi Washington โ€“ The Epic 07: Algiers โ€“ Algiers 06: Jamie xx โ€“ In Colour 05: Twenty One Pilots โ€“ Blurryface 04: Father John Misty โ€“ I Love You, Honeybear 03: Oscob/Digital Sex โ€“ OVERGROWTH 02: Kendrick Lamar โ€“ To Pimp a Butterfly 01: Death Grips โ€“ The Powers
  2. ์‹๋ฃŒํ’ˆgroceries - HOUSEWARES
  3. Muse's Drones in a quote: "...the infuriating thing is that if I turn off my brain, ignore the lyrics, and just try to rock out, there are moments where the musicianship is good enough for me to enjoy a few songs - in other words, the only way I can enjoy Drones is becoming a drone myself."
  4. Various Artists - The Eternal Dream System
  5. haircuts for men - ใพใ ใ‚ใชใŸใŒๆฌ ่ฝใ—ใฆ lp
  6. death's dynamic shroud.wmv - I'll Try Living Like This
  7. Isn't it funny how the Mumford & Sons folk sound was all a gimmick, and Wilder Mind is just evidence they suck as a band without it? :wiseguy:
  8. Deerpeople - There's Still Time for Us to Die
  9. Los Rusos Hijos de Puta - La Rabia Que Sentimos es el Amor Que Nos Quitan
  10. I don't know how this song is in any territory of good, let alone decent. :inquisitive: The lyricism is pretentious, dumbed down, and straight up laughable for any band to endeavor. Yes, it's political purposes are an important discussion but it's not "risky" when it all it does is talk down rather than raise awareness. There's too many holes within its "Milgram experiment" logic. And whether or not the message implies the military or society, it's nastily exaggerated and one-track minded. I care less for the production or instrumentation though, bunch of cocky rock with a cringing choru
  11. I still question if he was being legit on this especially with the blatant copying of this 2010 album Yeezy, what are you really up to?
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